Marketing Aptitude MCQ-22

Need hierarchy of motivation is developed by-

(A) Abraham Maslow
(B) Philip Kotler and Armstrong
(C) Clark
(D) Rath

Which is Staple Product ?

(A) Furniture or Television
(B) Computer with Internet
(C) Fruits
(D) Bank Building

In Introduction Stage of Product—

(A) Lower demand
(B) Low growth rate in demand
(C) Limited Customer
(D) All of these

Which is/are Product attributes ?

(A) Product quality and colours
(B) Product design
(C) Product Size
(D) All of these

BEP stand for—

(A) Break-even point
(B) Book-even Page
(C) Book-even point
(D) Break-even-Page

Business Analysis includes—

(A) Estimating Future Sales
(B) Estimating Future Costs
(C) Estimating Future Profits
(D) All of these

FC stand for—

(A) Full Cost of Production
(B) Fixed Cost
(C) Full Standard Cost
(D) Final Capital

Which type of Pricing Policy may be applied by Peter England_?

(A) Odd Pricing Policy
(B) Leader Pricing Policy
(C) Single Price Policy
(D) One Price Policy

The Industries Development and Regulation Act came into force from—

(A) 1951
(B) 1960 or 1971
(C) 1962
(D) This is not an Act of Industry

SMS Stands for –

(A) Sales Management System
(B) Sales Money System
(C) Short Money System
(D) Sales Money Strategy

Which is Means of Outdoor advertising ?

(A) Posters
(B) Sandwich Board Advertising
(C) Electric Display
(D) All of these

Which is true about advertising ?

(A) It is a paid basis
(B) It may be non-personal
(C) It is not a critical presentation
(D) All of these

The objects of Sales management include —

(A) Product identification
(B) Control of Sales Activities
(C) Maximum use of Sales Personnel
(D) All of these

Which is the very ancient form of Sales organisation ?

(A) Call Sales
(B) Line type Sales organisation
(C) Put Sell
(D) Research Sale

The method of Sales Training is/are—

(A) Individual Training Conference
(B) Training on the Job
(C) Job Rotation
(D) All of these

A contract of sale may be—

(A) Absolute or Conditional
(B) Unconditional
(C) Unauthorised
(D) All of these