Marketing Aptitude MCQ-36

Which is the Price Policy ?

(A) One-Price Policy
(B) Single Price Policy
(C) Price lining Policy
(D) All of these

The essential Commodities came into force from—

(A) 1 April, 1955
(B) 1 April, 1960
(C) 1 May, 1960
(D) 1 May, 1955

Profit =

(A) Contribution
(B) Contribution – Fixed Cost
(C) Sales-Loss
(D) Loss + Fixed Cost

Rural marketing is suitable for—

(A) Rural Markets
(B) Urban Markets
(C) Foreign Markets
(D) Stock Markets

Which marketing is suitable for fertilizer industry ?

(A) Rural Marketing
(B) Green Marketing
(C) Digital Marketing
(D) Online Marketing

Hire Purchase System is—

(A) A contract of sales
(B) An agreement to sell
(C) Method
(D) Management tool

……… is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a Particular job.

(A) Production and Sales force
(B) Salesman and Sales force
(C) Training
(D) All of these

Sales Control involves—

(A) Selling expenses activities
(B) Cost of Sales
(C) Profit
(D) All of these

Selling Process involves—

(A) Prospecting
(B) Approach and Presentation
(C) Pre-approach
(D) Meeting objections

Which is the model of e-commerce ?

(A) Selling
(B) Purchase
(C) B2B
(D) Market

Which is the variable of marketing programme ?

(A) Demand variable
(B) Distribution system and its role
(C) Price
(D) All of these

In Salesman’s Quota—

(A) Target of Sale for Salesman
(B) Production
(C) Sales planning
(D) Sales management

Promotion includes —

(A) Advertising
(B) Personal Selling and other selling tools
(C) Sales Promotion
(D) All of these

Trading Stamp is a—

(A) Sales Promotion device
(B) Advertising device
(C) Stock valuation device
(D) Product

Contest Promotion device is available for—

(A) Consumer of the Product
(B) Staff
(C) Bank
(D) Worker