Marketing Aptitude MCQ-19

BEA stand for –

(A) Book-even Act
(B) Break-even-analysis
(C) Break-even Act
(D) All of these

Branding is required due to—

(A) Regular quality
(B) Customer’s dissatisfaction
(C) Difficulty in Differentiation
(D) All of these

Which is Product Test Concept ?

(A) Product Development Research
(B) Product Pricing Research
(C) Product Concept Testing
(D) All of these

VC means—

(A) Value Cost
(B) Variable Cost
(C) Variable Costing with volume
(D) All of these

Which is Price strategies/Policies ?

(A) Discount and allowance Pricing Policy
(B) Cash discount
(C) Quantity discount
(D) All of these

The Indian Contract Act came into force from—

(A) 1870
(B) This is a blind Act
(C) 1872
(D) 1860

Which is/are type of CRM ?

(A) Customer Service
(B) Compaign Management
(C) Sales Force Automation
(D) (A), (B) and (C)

Mural Advertising includes—

(A) Sky Advertising
(B) Bus Tram and Train Advertising
(C) Sticker Advertising
(D) All of these

The function of advertising includes—

(A) To increase Sales
(B) To create new customers
(C) To develop future business
(D) All of these

Qualities needed by a good marketing staff are —

(A) Aggressiveness
(B) Perseverance
(C) Politeness
(D) Only (C) and (D)

In which type of sales organisation all the powers are centred in—

(A) High Class authority
(B) Staff
(C) Manager
(D) Customer and employee

Which is the kind of training ?

(A) Basis Training
(B) Continuation Training and Supervisory
(C) Advanced Training
(D) All of these

A ………… of goods is a contract whereby the seller transfer or agrees to transfer the Property in goods to the buyer for a price.

(A) Contract of sale of goods
(B) Contract of Property
(C) Advertisement
(D) System

Selling is informing and persuading a market about a—

(A) Organisational Structure
(B) Product or Service
(C) Cost
(D) Price

Long range planning is concerned with—

(A) Planning for Product expansion
(B) Plant extension
(C) Market expansion
(D) All of these