Marketing Aptitude MCQ-18

Which is the factor of Bank Demand variable ?

(A) Attitude of the Consumer
(B) Cost of lighting
(C) Price of the Product
(D) All of these

Which is th Product of Bank’s Sales control activity ?

(A) Decreasing in Selling Cost
(B) Product volume
(C) Activity of Sales person
(D) All of these

Marketing Communication mix involves—

(A) Packaging
(B) Point of Purchase Display
(C) Public Relation
(D) All of these

………… often refers specifically to selling efforts that are designed to supplement personal selling and advertising and by Coordination, help them to become more effective.

(A) Sales Promotion
(B) Product and Marketing Mix
(C) Old Marketing Concept
(D) Coupon

Distribution channels are—

(A) Systems of economic institutions through which a producer of goods delivers them into hands of their users
(B) System of pricing
(C) Branding
(D) Costing system

Assembling of goods means —

(A) Financing of goods
(B) Collecting the goods from various producer
(C) Storing
(D) Grading

Which is a large food store, the warehouse type of food store, and any large cash and carry self service store, handling groceries, meats and product.

(A) Departmental stores
(B) Direct selling agent
(C) Supermarket
(D) All of these

Which is activity of International marketing ?

(A) Marketing communication
(B) Pricing
(C) Distribution channels
(D) All of these

According to ……… theory, organisations should be structured according to complete tasks and processes rather than functions.

(A) Accounting theory
(B) Dividend payment theory
(C) Re-engineering theory
(D) Cost theory

For ATM Card, PIN is provided by—

(A) Respective Bank
(B) Reserve Bank of India
(D) Govt.

The central office of the RBI was initially established in—

(A) Jaipur
(B) Delhi (Laxmipuri)
(C) (Q Calcutta
(D) Raipur

Motivation is very much required for effective marketing. What other qualities are required ?

(A) Confidence :
(B) Effective Communication Skills
(C) Team work
(D) All of these

Certain market means—

(A) The place where functions of marketing is exercised
(B) Future market
(C) Present market
(D) All of these

Marketing is important for bank customer, in which area—

(A) Available of bank loan at fair rate of interest
(B) Knowledge of banking market
(C) Knowledge of banking new product
(D) All of these

Which is the function of determination of Product Policy ?

(A) Colour of Product
(B) Size and design of Product or Service
(C) Brand
(D) All of these