Marketing Aptitude MCQ-17

Which is the element of Marketing Concept ?

(A) Consumer satisfaction
(B) Goal of the organisation
(C) Marketing of Product with Coordinated efforts
(D) All of these

Customerisation means—

(A) Promotion
(B) Goods offer on various conditions
(C) Sales
(D) Relation

Which is the essential of Contract of Sale ?

(A) Two parties-Buyer and Seller
(B) Price
(C) Goods
(D) All of these

Which is four P’s of marketing ?

(A) Product
(B) Price (A Price which is charged by firm)
(C) Place
(D) All of these

Distribution mix is known as—

(A) Product mix
(B) Material Planning and Methods
(C) Place mix
(D) Price mix

Front Office Operations includes—

(A) Direct interaction with customers
(B) Face to Face meetings
(C) Phone Calls
(D) All of these

External marketing factor of a bank is/are—

(A) Consumer of the Bank
(B) Property of the Bank
(C) Assets of the Bank
(D) Loan of the Bank

Economic environment of bank includes—

(A) Economic system of a bank
(B) Planned economy
(C) Structure of economy
(D) All of these

Who may be Potential Customer of a bank ?

(A) A doctor
(B) A manager of bank
(C) A staff of bank
(D) A director of bank

Today, marketing is—

(A) Product oriented
(B) Consumer oriented
(C) Profit oriented
(D) Cost oriented

Motivation means —

(A) More production
(B) More enthusiasm
(C) High Price
(D) Low Price

Which is the nature of Consumer behaviour ?

(A) It is Psychological activity
(B) It is a Physical activity
(C) It is buying Process decision
(D) All of these

The Social Factor of the bank Customer includes—

(A) Social Class and Caste Class
(B) Motivation
(C) Beliefs
(D) Attitudes

Which is Shopping Product ?

(A) Furniture and Television
(B) Motor Cycle and Scooter
(C) Car
(D) All of these