Marketing Aptitude MCQ-39

Product Innovation is a part of—

(A) Product Pricing
(B) Product modification
(C) Cost
(D) Sales

Skimming (the Cream Price) is the—

(A) Pricing of the Product
(B) Sales Technique
(C) Wage
(D) Cost of Production

Pricing includes—

(A) Setting the Prices
(B) Selecting Pricing Policy and Strategies
(C) Establishing Market Share
(D) All of these

The act of selling the same article Product under a Single Control, at different Prices to different buyers is known as—

(A) Product Simplification
(B) Price discrimination
(C) Wage
(D) Salary


(A) Fixed Cost + Sales
(B) Fixed Cost + Profit
(C) Sales-Loss
(D) Tax

Types of advertising includes—

(A) Product Advertising
(B) Institutional Advertising
(C) Pioneering Advertising
(D) All of these

Advertising is any form of paid non-Personal Presentation of ideas, goods or services for the purpose of—

(A) Inducing People to buy
(B) Advertising
(C) Newspaper
(D) Brand

SEM stands for—

(A) Save Energy Money
(B) Search Engine Marketing
(C) Save Europe and Money
(D) Search Economy and Management

“Good Salesmen are not born but made by Properly organised and directed sales training Programmes.” who said ?

(A) Bertrand R. Canfield
(B) Edwin B.Flippo
(C) DalS. Beach
(D) All of these

Marketing management is a Separate branch from—

(A) Sales Planning and Product Planning
(B) Sales management
(C) Advertising
(D) Branding

Internet marketing includes—

(A) Management of digital customer data
(B) Production
(C) Rating
(D) Allotment

Marketing planning is concerned with—

(A) The identification of resources that are available and their allocation to meet specified objectives
(B) Selling
(C) Financing
(D) Managing

A ………… is a set of marketing strategies which seeks to reach the firm’s goals by making the most effective possible use of the firm’s resources.

(A) Marketing Planning and Controlling
(B) Marketing Programme
(C) Brand
(D) Publicity

Which is the type of Sales Quota ?

(A) Branch Quota
(B) Managerial Planning and Technique
(C) Large Production
(D) System Quota

Promotion encompasses all the tools in the marketing mix whose major role is—

(A) Persuasive Communication
(B) Research and Development
(C) Market
(D) Sales