Marketing Aptitude MCQ-38

Which is not a nature of Planned Obsolescence ?

(A) Style Obsolescence
(B) Postponed Obsolescence
(C) Advertising
(D) Intentional Obsolescence

Which is Factors of Pricing ?

(A) Cash discount and allowances
(B) Period of Credit
(C) Condition of Period
(D) All of these

Which is/are type of CRM ?

(A) Operational CRM
(B) Analytical CRM
(C) Sales Intelligence CRM
(D) All of these

Resource should be obtained at—

(A) Maximum Cost
(B) Minimum Cost
(C) No Cost no Profit
(D) All of these

Bank is a—

(A) Financial Publics
(B) Government Publics
(C) General Publics
(D) Internal Publics

Industrial law includes —

(A) Factory Act
(B) Wage Payment Law
(C) Income Tax Act
(D) A and B both

The target group for Home Loans are—

(A) Individuals
(B) Salaried Persons
(C) Businessmen
(D) All of these

Non-Banking assets includes—

(A) Property Seized by the bank
(B) Auction Sale of the Customer’s Property
(C) Bank Building
(D) (A)and(B)

Purchase made without very much advance planning are—

(A) Desire for Convenience
(B) Impulse buying
(C) Cash Purchasing
(D) All of these

The Economic Factor of a bank Customer involves—

(A) Family Income level
(B) Future Income expectation
(C) Personal Income
(D) All of these

Customisation means—

(A) Good Customer Service
(B) Bad Customer Service
(C) Products for Specific Customers
(D) After Sales Service

The Product life cycle is developed by—

(A) Theodore Levitt
(B) Philip Kotler and R.D. Blackwell
(C) Robson
(D) Rath

Nature of Product Planning includes—

(A) Planning of Product
(B) Primary work of Marketing
(C) Research and development
(D) All of these

……… is a Product growth strategy in which a Company develops new Products to sell to its existing markets.

(A) Product Development
(B) Product Simplification
(C) Market Segmentation
(D) Product Item

Product diversification can be defined—

(A) as the introduction of Products that are a different type from those Previously Produced by the Company
(B) as a Sales Promotion technique
(C) as a brand of Product
(D) as a cost of Product