Marketing Aptitude MCQ-32

Price mix of a Product involves—

(A) Re-Sale Price
(B) Sales Management and Planning
(C) Advertisement
(D) Packaging

Which is the component of marketing environment ?

(A) Legal environment
(B) Political environment
(C) Social and cultural environment
(D) All of these

What are the Short Term Credit Sources ? (In case of bank)

(A) Loan and Advance (upto one year)
(B) Bank Credit
(C) Short Term Loan
(D) All of these

Which is Demographic environmental factors of bank?

(A) Size of Population
(B) Total Population
(C) Residence of Public
(D) None of these

Differentiated Marketing Strategy is followed by which bank in India ?

(A) All Commercial banks
(B) All Rural banks
(C) All Private banks
(D) All of these

Social responsibility of a bank includes —

(A) Training to the bank employees
(B) Water facility
(C) Deposits
(D) (A)and(B)

In case of organisational customer, liquid assets includes—

(A) Additional bank balance
(B) Saving-Certificates
(C) Debenture
(D) All of these

The type of Consumer Product is/are—

(A) Convenience Product
(B) Shopping Product
(C) Specialty Product
(D) All of these

………… is the course of a Product’s sales and Profits over its life time.

(A) Research and development
(B) Brand and Brand Planning
(C) Product life cycle
(D) Cost

…………… is the starting point for the entire marketing programme in a firm

(A) Marketing
(B) Selling technique and quality of Product
(C) Product Planning
(D) Pricing

Which is a made or way for direct interaction with customers ?

(A) Face to Face meeting
(B) Phone Calls
(C) e-mail
(D) All of these

Bye-Product is a reason of—

(A) Product Simplification
(B) Product diversification
(C) Cost
(D) Loss

Product elimination decision includes—

(A) Declining sales
(B) Declining Profits or Declining Prices
(C) Substitute Product
(D) All of these

Minimising loss is result of—

(A) Better Product Quality
(B) Sales Promotion Scheme
(C) High Competition
(D) All of these

Leader Pricing Policy adopted by—

(A) Producer or manufacturer
(B) Retailer
(C) Wholesaler
(D) Agent