Marketing Aptitude MCQ-37

Wholesaler sell to—

(A) Retailers
(B) Merchants or Industrial users
(C) Institutional users
(D) None of these

Which one of the involves the management of the physical flow of goods and the establishment and operation of flow system—

(A) Physical distribution
(B) Research and development
(C) Product identification
(D) Quantity

Which is the type of wholesaler ?

(A) Local wholesaler
(B) National wholesaler
(C) Drop shipper wholesaler
(D) All of these

Which is a part of green marketing ?

(A) Waste management
(B) Re-using
(C) Reducing
(D) All of these

The Consumer Protection Act came into force from—

(A) 1-7-2006
(B) 1-7-1987
(C) 1-3-2006
(D) 1-3-1936

What is SEO?

(A) Sales-Engine Organisation
(B) Search Engine Optimization
(C) Sales-Even-Organisation
(D) All of these

Which is not a Private Bank ?

(C) UTI Bank (AXIS Bank)
(D) HDFC Bank

Which is the online services of a bank ?

(A) Internet Banking
(B) Mobile Banking Funds Transfer
(C) Shopping
(D) All of these

In Marketing, Market Penetration means—

(A) Entry likely Purchasers houses
(B) Entering stores and shops
(C) Covering a wide area of the market
(D) All of these

Which is the essential of marketing ?

(A) Marketing is a human activity
(B) Marketing is a Product
(C) Marketing is a Knowledge
(D) All of these

Marketing includes—

(A) Branding
(B) Standardisation and grading
(C) Packing
(D) All of these

In Consumer-orientation, bank considered—

(A) Bank customer’s need
(B) Bank customer’s requirement
(C) Bank customer’s attitude
(D) All of these

In Marketing CRM stands for—

(A) Case Role Management
(B) Customer Relationship Management
(C) Cost Rule Market
(D) Customer Role in Market

Which is the pillar of marketing concept”?

(A) Financial planning and control
(B) Customer orientation
(C) Plant
(D) Fixed Cost

Which factor is responsible for development of marketing ?

(A) Barter System
(B) Production-orientation
(C) Sales-orientation
(D) All of these