Indian Geography Mock Test – 34

The incrasing amount of carbon dixide in the air is slowly raising the temperature of the atmosphere, because it absorbs,
which one of the following sets of elements was primarily responsible for the orgin of life on the earth ?
Aperson standing alone in a desert on a dark right and wanted to reach his village which was standing 5 Km east of the point were he was standing . he had no instruments to find the direction but he located the polestar . The mostconvenient way now to reach his village is to walk in the
Consider the following protected areas
1. Bandipur
2. Bhitarkanika
3. Manas
4. Sunderbans
which of the above are declared Tiger Reserves ?
Consider the following statements ,
1. The duration of the monsoon decreases from southern India to northern India
2. The amount of annual rainfall in the northern plains of India decreases from east to west
Which off the statements given above is/are correct?
which one of the following is the characteristic climate of the Tropical Savannah Region ?
In which among the following categories of protecte areas in India are local people not allowed to collect and use the biomass ?
which one of the following groups of anlmals belongs to the category of endangered species ?
Consider the following
1. Black necked crane
2. Cheetah
3. Flying squirrel
which of the following are naturally found in India ?
which of the following can be threats to the biodiversity of a geographical area ?
1. Global warming
2. Fragmentation of habitat
3. Invention of alien species
4. promotion of vegetarianism
select the correct answerusing the codes given below ?
Vultures which used to be very common in Indian countryside some are rarely seen nowadays , this is attributed to
Consider the following agricultural practices :
1. Contour bunding
2 Relay cropping
3. Zero tillage
In the context of global climate change, which of the above helps /help in carbon sequestration/storage in the soil ?
What would happened if phytoplankton of an ocean is completely destroyed for some reason ?
1. The ocean as a carbon sink would be adversely affected
2. The food chains in the ocean would be adversely affected
3. The density of ocean water would drastically decrease
select the correct answerusing the codes given below ?
The vegetation type characterized by
1. A large expanse of grassland with scattered trees and shrubs,
2. Lying between tropical rain forest and tropical steppes and deserts, flat-topped trees, is called
Which one among the following lakes is situated on the west coast of India ?