Indian History Mock Test – 41

Question No:1

The Rigvedic God Varuna was—

A. Harbinger of peace
B. Destroyer of foes
C. Guardian of the cosmic order
D. God of prosperity

Question No:2

Nivi, Paridhan and Adhivasa were the—

A. Different types of garments of the Aryans
B. Government officials of the Aryan Kings
C. Tribal people of Ancient Indians
D. Musical instrument of Ancient Indians

Question No:3

Panini, the first Grammarian of Sanskrit language in India, lived during the—

A. 2nd Century BC
B. 6th-5th Century BC
C. 2nd Century AD
D. 5th-6th Century AD

Question No:4

The words Satyameva Jayate in the State Emblem of India have been adopted from which one of the following ?

A. Mundak Upanishad
B. Brahma Upanishad
C. Mudgala Upanishad
D. Maitreyi Upnishad

Question No:5

Upanishad are books on—

A. Religion
B. Yoga
C. Law
D. Philosophy

Question No:6

The expounder of Yoga philosophy was—

A. Patanjali
B. Gautam
C. Jaimini
D. Sankaracharya

Question No:7

The great law giver of ancient times was—

A. Manu
B. Vatsyayana
C. Ashoka
D. Aryabhatta

Question No:8

The word Gotra occurs for the first time in—

A. Rigaveda
B. Samaveda
C. Yajurveda
D. Atharvaveda

Question No:9

Which one of the following is the distinctive feature between a nastika and astika system in India ?

A. Belief in the existence of God
B. Belief in the doctrine of rebirth
C. Belief in the authenticity of the Vedas
D. Belief in the existence of heaven and hell

Question No:10

Nyaya Darshan was propagated by—

A. Gautama
B. Kapil
C. Kanada
D. Jaimini

Question No:11

‘Ashtadhyayi’ was written by—

A. VedVyas
B. Panini
C. Shukadeva
D. Balmiki

Question No:12

The literal meaning of the word Arya is—

A. Superior
B. Learned
C. Priest
D. Warrior

Question No:13

The ‘Manu Smriti’ mainly deals with—

A. Social order
B. Laws
C. Economics
D. State-craft

Question No:14

Purushmedha i.e. Male sacrifice is referred to in—

A. Krishna Yajurveda
B. Shukla Yajurveda
C. Shatapatha Brahman
D. Panchvisha Brahman

Question No:15

Who composed the Gayatri Mantra ?

A. Vishwamitra
B. Vasishtha
C. Indra
D. Parikshit

Question No:16

Author of ‘Nayaya Sutra’ was—

A. Gautam
B. Kanad
C. Kapil
D. Badrayan

Question No:17

The word Aryan means—

A. Of good family
B. Cultivator
C. Pastoral society
D. Brahmachari

Question No:18

Which one of the following four Vedas contains an account of magical charms and spells ?

A. Rigaveda
B. Samaveda
C. Yajurveda
D. Atharvaveda

Question No:19

The Indian king who opposed Alexander was—

A. Ambhi
B. Porus
C. Dhanananda
D. Chandragupta

Question No:20

The ancient name of North Bihar was—

A. Vajji
B. Vatsa
C. Surasena
D. Avanti