Indian History-26

Rabindranath Tagore returned the title of ‘Knighthood’ to the British government to protest against which incident?

Massacare of Jaliwanwalla Bagh

Who built the Khajuraho temples?

Chandela Rajputs

Where did Lord Buddha breathe his last?


Mention the ruling period of Jahangir in India.

From 1605 to 1627 AD

Sangeetraj, which was composed by Maharana Kumbha, is divided into how many parts?


Who is called as the Gandhi of Chirawa?

Master Pyarelala Gupta

Which inscription mentions that he Chauhan were ‘Vatsya-gotra’ Brahmins?

Bijoliya Inscription

Which rebel army commander of Allauddin Khilji was given shelter in Ranathambhor Fort by Hammir?

Meer Muhammad Shah

The first metal used by man is


In which satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi, women participated the most?

Quit India Movement

The Ajanta caves are situated in which State?


The Khajuraho temple is situated in which State?

Madhya Pradesh

Which Gupta ruler is crowned with the title Vikramaditya?


In which century was the Bahamani kingdom founded?

14th Century

When was the battle of Buxar fought?


Megasthenes was which Indian king’s ambassador?

Chandragupta Maurya

What was the evident effect of Vedic culture on Indian History?

Development of Sanskrit

Chola period is mostly known for which social meeting?

Gram Sabha

French revolution ended in 1970s with the ascent of which king?

Napoleon Bonaparte

Which monument is of pink colour?

Hawa Mahal

Which sultan declared himself as Sikandar-i-Saini, the second Alexander?


Between whom the battle of Khanwa fought

Babur and Rana Sanga

Other than Annie Besant who also launched a Home Rule Movement in India?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Which country’s legislature is called ‘National People’s Congress’?


Kanada dance is mainly performed by Washermen

Madhya Pradesh

Sahitya Parishad’ was established in


The first university of the world was


‘Earth Hour’ was observed in the year 2015 on


Who has written the book titled ‘Faces and Places’?

Deepak Nayyar