General Awareness MCQ-15

Who wrote the book called ‘History of South India’?

Nilakantha Shastri

The longest sea bridge is located in which coastal city of India?


Who is the author of the book Knowledge Innovation Strategy?

Parag Kulkarni

First woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?

Sucheta Kriplani

Lalit Kala Academy is devoted to the promotion of


Gotee is commonly used for the propagation of which fruit?


First Olympic Games were held in which year?

776 BC

Which festival has a special feature of boat race?


Which was the first linguistic State created?

Andhra Pradesh

SAARC is an agency of United Nations. True or False


The first newspaper in India was started by whom?

JA Hickey

What is the name of the currency of Namibia?


First railway station in India to provide Google’s free public Wi-Fi service is

Mumbai Central Railway Station

Who was the first Indian to reach Antarctica?

GS Sirohi

Kimono is a dress style of which Asian country?


Which State of India has been declared as the first fully Organic State of the country?


Who is called the Father of English Poetry?


When was World Wildlife Fund (WWF) founded?


‘You are not Alone’ campaign launched in India to fight against

Mental Depression

Bihu is related with which State?


Arihant’ is the name of a

Nuclear-powered Submarine

World Sparrow Day is celebrated on


Boita Bandana and Nua Khai are festivals of which State?


After how many years, India has won cricket test series in Sri Lanka in October, 2015?

22 years

Who is new President of Myanmar?

Htin Kyaw