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English Language MCQ-5

1. 2. The market continues to be positive (1)/ and in the next quarter we expected (2) the trend to continue with (3)/ the onset of the festive season (4). No error (5)


2. 3. In spite freedom of the press is vital to democracy (1) the thin line between reporting facts (2) and expressing opinions on them (3)/ is being increasingly crossed (4). No error (5)


3. 4. In India, the teacher has been elevated (I)/to a position of power {2)1 and a part of that power has been (3)/ to assuming the right to punish the students (4). No error (5)


4. 5. A question worth to ask is that (1)/ whether the National Awards represent (2)/ Pan-Indian cinema or (3)/ is the focus on mainstream films only (4). No error (5)


5. 6. Indian every single (1)/ expectation from its cricket team (2) invariably oscillates between (3)/ a cynical pessimism and an unjustified optimism (4). No error (5)


6. 7.The road widening exercise (1)/ who aims to make National Highway a four-lane highway, (2)/ poses a threat to the (3)/ fragile environment of the Himalayas (4). No error (5)


7. 8. Two persons was/(1) crushed to death when/(2) the mini-van in which they were traveling/(3) rammed into a stationary lorry./(4) No error(5)


8. 9. The new device/(1) helps find tumours in/(2) the body by using/(3) infrared beams and thermal energy.(4) No error(5)


9. 10. The court direct that (1) the youth be released immediately,(2) unless his presence was required/(3) in connection with any other case./(4) No error(5)


10. 11. The downpour over/(1) the last one week has/(2) led to a spurt in/(3) viral fever cases in the city./(4) No i error(5)


11. 12. A book tracing/(1)the historical journey of/(2) textiles to the present day/(3) will be released in the city./(4) No error(5)


12. 13. On the second day of the workshop,/( 1) participants does a situational analysis of the state/(2) and spoke about their plan of action/(3) for implementing the Act/(4). No error (5)


13. 14. Dress in black/(1) several students from the University took part/ (2) in a protest march in the city on Thursday as part/(3) of a campaign against female infanticide/(4). No error (5)


14. 15. The Consumer Forum directed the Power Corporation to/(1)compensate a complainant for the inconvenience/(2) and mental agony who he had to suffer/(3) because of the power officials’ irresponsible attitude/(4). No error (5)


15. 16. The court has asked the authorities/( 1) to take appropriate steps to restore natural water resources/(2) so that the water shortage problem/(3) in the state can be solved/(4). No error (5)


16. 17. The High Court on Thursday banned/(1)plying of diesel-run vehicles/(2) including safari cantors in the tiger sanctuary/(3) with immediate effect/(4). No error (5)