Sentence Improvement MCQ-169

Question No:1

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is required, choose “No improvement” option.
Either Kiran or Mala is sure to be chosen for the school debate team.

(A) Either Kiran or Mala are sure to
(B) Either Kiran nor Mala are sure to
(C) Either Kiran or Mala will
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Here, Future simple i.e., Either Kiran or Mala will …… should be used.

Question No:2

Tom was standing besides the school-house poster, when the ball rolled towards him.

(A) standing beside the school-house poster
(B) stand besides the school house poster
(C) stood beside the school-house poster
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Besides = in addition to; Beside = by the side of Hence, standing beside the school-house poster……. should be used.

Question No:3

No sane person or government can tolerate terrorists of any degree or kind.

(A) terrorism of any degree or kind
(B) terrorise of any degree or kind
(C) torture of any degree or kind
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Here, terrorism (Abstract Noun) of any degree or kind…. should be used.

Question No:4

Saibal has got an extensive to finish writing his thesis.

(A) an extended
(B) an extension
(C) an extension
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Extension (Noun) = an extra period of time.
Look at the sentence :
He has been granted an extension of the contract for another year.

Question No:5

She stood by him under all conditions and undaunted by anything.

(A) without reserve
(B) without hesitation
(C) through thick and thin
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Through thick and thin = even when there are problems or difficulties

Question No:6

Sheela was reprimanded by the school Marshall for coming lately to school.

(A) to school lately
(B) late to school
(C) to school later
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Lately = recently; in the recent past.
Late = after the expected or usual time.

Question No:7

Kunal looked very manliness in his police uniform.

(A) menliness
(B) man-like
(C) manly
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Manly (Adjective) = having the qualities or physical features that are expected in a man.

Question No:8

The school was very co-operation when we made a documentary film there.

(A) very co-operator
(B) very co-operative
(C) very co-operated
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- Here, Adjective i.e., very co-operative ….. should be used.

Question No:9

“I would like to tell you about this my friend, ” said John.

(A) this friend of mine
(B) the friend of mine
(C) this friend
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- This friend of mine = One of the friends.

Question No:10

The boat was drowned.

(A) was sunk
(B) was drown
(C) was sink
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- The ship sank to the bottom of the sea.