English Language MCQ-73


Directions:Look at the BOLD underlined part of each sentence. Below each sentence are given three possible substitutions for the underlined part. If one of them (a), (b), or (c) is better than the underlined part, indicate your response on the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter (a), (b) or (c). If none of the substitutions improves the sentence, indicate (d) as your response on the Answer Sheet. Thus, a ‘No improvement’ response will be signified by the letter (d).
Though it was raining but he went out.

(A) (a) and he went out
(B) (b) he went out
(C) (c) however he went out
(D) (d) No improvement

He is sharpening the pencil by a knife.

(A) (a) on a knife
(B) (b) from a knife
(C) (c) with a knife
(D) (d) No improvement

We were pleased to seeing her.

(A) (a) to see
(B) (b) from seeing
(C) (c) in seeing
(D) (d) No improvement

It became dark after we were walking for about half an hour.

(A) (a) have been walking
(B) (b) have walked
(C) (c) had walked
(D) (d) No improvement

He is living in this city for the last three years.

(A) (a) lived
(B) (b) has been living
(C) (c) lives
(D) (d) No improvement

‘Where does your friend live?’ ‘I don’t know where my friend does live.’

(A) (a) does my friend live
(B) (b) he lives
(C) (c) lives my friend
(D) (d) No improvement

Any of the three offers is acceptable to me.

(A) (a) Every
(B) (b)Either
(C) (c) All
(D) (d) No improvement

We all went on picnic last Sunday,

(A) (a) to a picnic
(B) (b) in picnic
(C) (c) on a picnic
(D) (d) No improvement

It is too early to go to school,

(A) (a) very early
(B) (b) quite early
(C) (c) much early
(D) (d) No improvement

A square peg does not fit into a round hole.

(A) (a) does not fit in a round hole
(B) (b) cannot fit around a round hole
(C) (c) does not fit inside a round hole
(D) (d) No improvement