English Language MCQ-20

Directions for the following Ten Questions :
Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct, mark (5) as the answer.

The modifications made by them in the draft were so drastic that the entire emphasis had been shifted

(A) shall have been shifted
(B) had shifted
(C) was being shifted
(D) had been shifting
(E) No correction required

It is reliable to learn that there is not substantial evidence to prove his innocence.

(A) is reliably learnt
(B) reliably to learn
(C) was reliable to learn
(D) has been reliable learning
(E) No correction required

He has now succeeded in overwhelming the grief.

(A) successful in overwhelming
(B) successful to overwhelm
(C) succeeded to overwhelm
(D) succeeded in overcoming
(E) No correction required

Despite their best efforts, they could not convince the members by changing their decision.

(A) and changed their
(B) to change their
(C) with changing their
(D) in changing his
(E) No correction required

The novel ideas suggested by the employee were appreciated by the management.

(A) have appreciated by
(B) have been appreciated for
(C) were appreciative of
(D) had appreciated by
(E) No correction required

The two brothers were so much similar in appearance that nobody believed that they were twins.

(A) very much similar in
(B) so much similar at
(C) so different in
(D) so different from
(E) No correction required

The sight of the accident was so frightened that the bystanders could not utter a single word.

(A) so very frightening because
(B) so frightening that
(C) extremely frightening as
(D) extremely frightened
(E) No correction required

The police break-up the trunk and found the looted jewellery.

(A) broke opened
(B) broke open
(C) break opened
(D) breakingly opened
(E) No correction required

The advertisement offered a reward for information relating to the activities of the terrorists.

(A) relative to the
(B) as related to the
(C) which relate to
(D) regarding to the
(E) No correction required

He travelled by bus but would have travelled by train to save time.

(A) must have travelled
(B) should be travelling
(C) could be travelling
(D) should have travelled
(E) No correction required

Directions for the following Eight Questions:
Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

The statement said that the conference would be ____ a considerable time ____ the global economic crisis.

(A) having, thinking
(B) passing, debating
(C) spending, discussing
(D) expending, arguing
(E) exhausting, analyzing

After being taken away from his parents at a ____ age, the boy had a very ____ life.

(A) young, difficult
(B) early, leisurely
(C) small, distinction
(D) tender, deterrent
(E) advanced, restrict

Even ____ the period of recession, he got a good job ____ not having much experience.

(A) on, even though
(B) in, instead
(C) while, inspite
(D) during, despite
(E) although, almost

After having ____ the news of their son’s excellent result in exams, they came over as ____ as possible.

(A) enjoyed, earlier
(B) heard, quickly
(C) surprised, running
(D) shocked, fast
(E) realized, hurriedly

Although unrecognized ____ his life, his talent was much ____after his death.

(A) entire, adored
(B) all, realized
(C) whole, worth
(D) almost, valued
(E) throughout, appreciated

With large classes, it is difficult for teachers to ____ regular essay type questions for home work because ____ long answers would take too much time. consider, writing
(B) revalue, concise
(C) pursue, feeling
(D) handle, weighing
(E) give, marking

Ours is democracy and any ____ or use of force is out of question. Methods of ____ and education are best suited to a democratic regime. attempt, coercion
(B) compulsion, persuasion
(C) judgment, prayer
(D) inhuman, apprehension
(E) implied, technology

Despite being the ____ partner in the relationship, the franchiser doesn’t always have all the ____ sincere, limitations
(B) vulnerable, powers
(C) active, losses
(D) dominant, advantages
(E) authoritative, legalities