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Quiz No:58 Control System RRB , Coal India , PWD , PSC , Engineering diploma Level

1. Integral error compensation in a control system—


2. Which of the following is not in frequency domain?


3. With feedback which of the following reduces?


4. The normal range of damping ratio is—


5. The resolution of a potentiometer depends upon—


6. with feedback which of the following increases?


7. Two stator winding of A.C. servomotors are oriented—


8. A.C. Servomotor is basically a—


9. Which of the following directly converts temperature into voltage ?


10. A two phase induction motor consists of—


11. If the phase angle at the gain cross over point is &,966; then phase margin is—


12. An ideal potentiometer should have—


13. The effect of adding poles and zeros can be determined quickly by—


14. A term not associated with potentiometer is —


15. The system response can be tested better with—


16. The effect of error rate damping is—


17. For type 3 system the asymptote at lower frequency will have a slope—


18. Law friction coefficient in a system facilitates—


19. Hydraulic torque transmission system is analog of—


20. The phase shift of third order system having transfer function as s~3 will be—


21. A 1000 turns potentiometer is excited by 10V source, its percentage resolution will be—


22. In root locus plot the angle of asymptote is 3600 divided by—


23. The negative real axis of Nyquist plot corresponds to the—


24. Which of the following will increase the steady state accuracy?


25. Pressure error can be measured by —


26. The Bode plot is applicable to—


27. Z-transform of unit impulse function is—


28. Non-linearity caused by servomotor is-