Electrical Engineering Diploma Level Objective Questions RRB,Coal India

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Electrical Engineering Diploma level RRB,Coal India,PSU,BHEL,PWD Exams

1. The most commonly used type of single phase energy meter is—


2. The energy meter used for measuring energy of a d.c. circuit is—


3. The meter constant of energy meter is given by-


4. The essential requirements of a single phase meter are—


5. The series magnet of single phase Energy-meter consists of coil of—


6. The current coil of single phase energy meter is wound on—


7. The pressure coil of a single phase Energy-meter is wound on—


8. The pressure coil consists of—


9. The current in the pressure coil is proportional to—


10. The current in the pressure coil will lag behind the voltage by 900 because high—


11. For testing the earth fault of an Electric kettle, the megger reads zero, this indicates—


12. A man holds both the terminals of a 500 V megger, but still safe due to—


13. The reading of the megger is 30 mega-ohms while testing the insulation resistance of the wire. The wire can be—


14. While testing an odd installation the main switch of the supply will be kept—


15. If the megger terminals are connected to 230 V supply, megger will—


16. Megger is used for measuring—