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Bar Chart Mock Test-5

Directions for questions 1 to 5: Read the given information and answer the questions based on it.

There are two bar graphs given below, chart-1 and chart-2. The chart-1 represents the available quantity of various health drinks such as Wired X, Blast, Bliss, Gorilla Juice, Zoom, XS Citrus and Wild Bull. The chart -2 represents the percentage of Lime water, Water and Vitamins in the above mentioned drinks. All the health drinks are a mixture of only these three ingredients.


1. How many of the above mentioned health drinks, when mixed entirely with 10 L of Blast would result in a mixture containing lime water greater than 35%?

(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

2. If Wired X is mixed with Blast and Gorilla Juice in the available quantity, then what will be percentage of vitamins in the mixture ?

(a) 31.36%
(b) 40.12%
(c) 32.6%
(d) 42.36%
(e) 36.42%

3. What will be the final concentration of lime water in the mixture, if all the health drinks with available quantity are mixed together?

(a) 33.33%
(b) 47.14%
(c) 40%
(d) 43%
(e) 45.65%

4. If Wired X gnd Gorilla Juice are mixed with available quantities, then what will be quantity of vitamins in the final mixture?

(c) 2.8L
(d) 1.5 L
(e) 2.4 L

5. If equal quantities of all drinks are mixed then what will be concentration of lime water in the mixture?

(a) 44.38%
(b) 40%
(c) 47.9 %
(d) 30.26 %
(e)37.14 %