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Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad has assumed charge as the Chief Justice of

(A) Bombay High Court
(B) Manipur High Court
(C) Madras High Court
(D) Rajasthan High Court
(E) Guwahati High Court

The ‘Mission Madukkarai Maharaj’ was launched recently to catch a wild elephant in

(A) Coimbatore
(B) Kochi
(C) Nagpur
(D) Kolkata
(E) Chennai

John Dramani Mahama is the present President of which of the following countries?

(A) Ghana
(B) Jordan
(C) Lebanon
(D) Belarus
(E) Mexico

The UN General Assembly elected which of the following countries to chair one of its six major committees for the first time recently?

(A) lran
(B) Iraq
(C) Cuba
(D) Israel
(E) Ukraine

Which of the following firms has agreed to acquire renewable energy company Wels pun Renewable Energy?

(A) Adani Power
(B) Reliance Power
(C) Tata Power
(D) JSW Power
(E) Suzlon Energy

Who among the following won the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix F1 Championship?

(A) Daniel Ricciardo
(B) Fernando Alonso
(C) Sebastian Vettel
(D) Nico Rosberg
(E) Lewis Hamilton

Which of the following countries won gold medal at the FINA Women’s Water Polo World League Super Final 2016?

(A) Spain
(B) Australia
(C) China
(D) US
(E) Russia

The Union Cabinet has approved the takeover by State Bank of India (SBI) of its five associate banks and

(A) Bank of India
(B) Indian Bank
(C) Dena Bank
(D) Vijaya Bank
(E) Bharatiya Mahila Bank

RanjitRae laid the foundation stone of the building of a college being built with India’s assistance in the capital city of a neighbouring country recently. He is India’s ambassador to

(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Bangladesh
(E) Myanmar

Which bank has launched Bengaluru’s first ATM that accepts Aadhaar number and Aadhaar fingerprint (biometric) instead of ATM/Debit Card and PIN to dispense cash?

(A) RBLBank
(B) RBS Bank
(C) DCB Bank
(D) Federal Bank
(E) Yes Bank

The Stone gate Bank of the US has made history by issuing the first credit card that can be used in

(A) China
(B) Cuba
(C) Mexico
(D) Cambodia
(E) Venezuela

Peter Thomson has been elected as the President of 71st session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He is a diplomat from

(A) Mauritius
(B) Kenya
(C) Fiji
(D) South Africa
(E) Namibia

GunitChadha resigned as Chief Executive Officer for Asia-Pacific region from which of the following banks recently?

(A) Standard Chartered
(C) CITI Bank
(D) Deutsche Bank
(E) American Express

Mudrarakshasa, who died recently, was a distinguished

(A) Sanskrit writer
(B) Marathi writer
(C) Assamese writer
(D) Hindi writer
(E) Tamil writer

President Pranab Mukherjee was awarded the highest civilian award of which of the following countries during his recent visit to the country?

(A) Namibia
(B) Ghana
(C) Jordan
(D) Mauritius
(E) Ivory Coast

The Union Cabinet has given its approval for partial abolition of the 5/20 rule which is related to

(A) food processing
(B) civil aviation
(C) defence
(D) Indian Railway
(E) Services sector

India’s trade surplus from the services sector increased to $5.72 bn in Apr 2016. The services sector includes exports in sectors like

(A) businesses outsourced
(B) receipts from tourism
(C) information technology
(D) All the above
(E) Only 1) and 3)