Current GK Bank Exams,IAS Prelims,SSC,UPSC,IBPS POs,SBI Clerks

Which of the following is mandated to recommend minimum support prices (MSPs) to incentivize the cultivators to adopt modern technology, and raise productivity and overall grain production in line with the emerging demand patterns in the country?

(E) None of these

Who is the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare?

(A) Prakash Javadekar
(B) Ashok Gajapathi Raju
(C) Manohar Parrikar
(D) Jagat Prakash Nadda
(E) Radha Mohan Singh

What is the current Service Tax rate (including Swachh Bharat Cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess)?

(A) 14%
(B) 14.50%
(C) 15%
(D) 16%
(E) None

Which of the following is not a official language of the United Nations Organisation?

(A) Hindi
(B) Arabic
(C) French
(D) Russian
(E) Spanish

Who is Thomas Bach?

(A) The President of ICC
(B) The President of FIFA
(C) The President of IOC
(D) The President of FIDE
(E) The President of FIH

Who is the new Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation?

(A) Sanjiv Singh
(B) D.K.Sarraf
(C) V.K.Sharma
(D) Urjit R. Patel
(E) None of these

Longest boundary line in the World?

(A) 49 Parallel
(B) 38 Parallel
(C) Radcliffe Line
(D) McMohan Line
(E) None of these

The current Cash Prize of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?

(A) Rs. 5 lakh
(B) Rs. 7.5 lakh
(C) Rs. 10 lakh
(D) Rs. 15 lakh
(E) None of these

The second richest person in the world according to Forbes List of the World’s Billionaires 2016?

(A) Bill Gates
(B) Amancio Ortega
(C) JeffBezos
(D) Warren Buffett
(E) Mark Zuckerberg

The Index of Singapore Stock Exchange?

(B) Hang Seng
(C) Straits Times
(D) Sh Comp
(E) None

Which unit of valuation is known as “Paper Gold”?

(D) Euro
(E) None

Out of these, Which is not located in Geneva?


Which of the following is an indicator of Bank’s financial health?

(E) None of these

in India, how many states share the coastline?

(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 9
(E) None of these

Largest agro-based industry in the country:

(A) Textiles
(B) Sugar
(C) Jute
(D) Tea
(E) None of these

The First deputy Prime Minister of India:

(A) Morarji Desai
(B) Charan Singh
(C) Jigjivan Ram
(D) Sardar Patel
(E) None

Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(A) White House : Washington. D.C.
(B) Buckingham Palace : London
(C) Elysee Palace : Paris
(D) 7 Race Course Road : New Delhi
(E) Kremlin: Tokyo