Current General Awareness-2016 MCQ-68

Theme of the World Maritime Day 1or the year 2016 is …….

(A) Shipping: Indispensable to the World
(B) Shipping: Economics of the Sea
(C) Shipping – Linking the Countries
(D) Shipping and Global Society
(E) Sniping: Global Opportunities

Who is the first independent Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC)?

(A) Zaheer Abbas
(B) David Richardson
(C) Haroon Lorgat
(D) Shashank Manohar
(E) None of these

Repo rate, the Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate will stand adjusted to how much w.e.f.4.10.2016 ?

(A) 4%
(B) 6.75%
(C) 3%
(D) 2%
(E) None

RBI and the Government of India set a new retail inflation target of ……….for the next five years.

(A) 1.50%
(B) 2.50%
(C) 4.00%
(D) 4.50%
(E) 5.25%

What are the unique features of “Kotak Now” – an application launched by Kotak Mahindra Bank?

(A) It would allow new customers to open an account in a simpler and cost – effective manner
(B) This is for the first time that a domestic private sector lender has come up with such a facility, where a customer can open a bank account using its application
(C) This is an end-to-end application wherein a customer will be able to open a bank account within 10 minutes
(D) No worry about visiting a branch or any other merchant
(E) All of the above

As per the RBI guidelines, Banks have to maintain a Minimum Common Equity Tier 1 (CET 1) of 6 .125% (including Capital Conservation Buffer of 0 .625%) and minimum CRAR of how much?

(A) 15%
(B) 9.63%
(C) 21%
(D) 7.50%
(E) 6.50%

Which company has launched an Own your Car scheme with the Government of Telangana?

(A) Ola
(B) Uber
(C) Meru
(D) Taxi For Sure
(E) Mega

On 4th October 2016, first time the MPC announced its Monetary Policy review, after its establishment.In this context, MPC stands for………..

(A) Money Policy Committee
(B) Monetary Policy Consortium
(C) Money Primary Committee
(D) Monetary Public Committee
(E) Monetary Policy Committee

A bank note which is in pieces and/ or of which the essential portions are missing is called?

(A) Soiled Note
(B) Brittle Note
(C) Mutilated Note
(D) Bad Note
(E) None of these

What is the maximum period for which a term deposit can be opened?

(A) 1 year
(B) 5 years
(C) 10 years
(D) 15 years
(E) 20 years

Reverse Repo Rate under the LAP stands adjusted to………..

(A) 6.00%
(B) 6.25%
(C) 5.75%
(D) 5.25%
(E) 5.50%

Which of the following are correct?

(A) NABARD supervises Regional Rural Banks and State & District Rural Co-op Banks
(B) NHB Regulates Housing Finance Companies
(C) SIDBI regulates State Finance Corporations (SFCs)
(D) The sponsoring Bank for Telangana Grameena Bank is SBH
(E) All of the above

What do you mean by ‘Market Trades’ and ‘Off Market Trades’?

(A) Any trade settled through a clearing corporation is termed as a ‘Market Trade’.
(B) These trades are done through stock brokers on a stock exchange.
(C) ‘Off Market Trade’ is one which is settled directly between two parties without the involvement of clearing corporation.
(D) The same deli very instruction slip can be used either for market trade or off-market trade by ticking one of the two options
(E) All the above

Which state host 2016 bird festival to be held in November?

(A) Kerala
(B) Goa
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Gujarat
(E) Tamilnadu

The Guinness World Records has officially designated Majuli as the largest river island in the world.It is situated in the Brahmaputra River in the state of………

(A) Meghalaya
(B) Assom
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Mizoram
(E) Arunachal Pradesh

Elephanta Island is in the news recently. It is in?

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Rajasthan
(D) West Bengal
(E) Andhra Pradesh