Current Affairs-2016 MCQ-80

JP Nadda launched ………to be observed across the country in central government hospitals.

(A) Ayurvedic Fortnight
(B) Siddha Fortnight
(C) Kayakalp Fortnight
(D) Unani Fortnight

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), chaired by Prime Minister, has recently cleared the purchase of additional surveillance aircraft from Israel. It is a tripartite agreement. Who is the third country?

(A) France
(B) Belgium
(C) Russia
(D) China

Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the ‘Standup India Scheme’ to promote entrepreneurs hip among whom?

(A) SC Women entrepreneurs
(B) ST Women entrepreneurs
(C) OBC Women entrepreneurs
(D) Both (a) and (b)

President Barack Obama arrived in which place for historic first visit made by a sitting US President to attend G7 Summit?

(A) China
(B) Iran
(C) Malaysia
(D) Japan

Germany will partner in turning which cities of India into smart cities?

(A) Bhubaneswar
(B) Coimbatore
(C) Kochi
(D) All of these

Which Asian country emerged from years of economic isolation on January 16, 2016?

(A) Iraq
(B) Iran
(C) Israel
(D) India

The government of India constitute ………committee to review the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act.

(A) RM Lodha
(B) NK Singh
(C) Mudhgal
(D) Radhakrishnan

As per the report of Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report, World Economic Forum (WEF), what is the place of India in a list of 126 countries?

(A) 70th
(B) 80th
(C) 90th
(D) 100th

Which exoplanet, touted to be the youngest of all exoplanets, was discovered by NASA through Kepler Space Telescope and extended K2 mission?

(A) HATS-20A
(B) Kepler-119A
(C) K2-33b
(D) 128-Pluto

Supercomputer Param was unveiled at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Sikkim. It has been named after which mountain?

(A) Kangchenjunga
(B) Kumaori
(C) Aravali
(D) Gam

lan Murdock, has passed away in January, 2016 He was famous for creating which thing?

(A) Linus OS
(B) Linux OS
(C) Windows OS
(D) Android OS

Riyad Mahrez a footballer player won the Professional Footballers Association’s (PFA) Player of the Year award in April, 2016 He belongs to which continent?

(A) Asia
(B) Europe
(C) b, Africa
(D) America

Which Football Club has won the 2016 Sait Nagjee International Club Football Tournament played at the EMS Corporation stadium at Kozhikode, Kerala?

(A) Brazilian FC
(B) Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk FC
(C) Atletico Paranaense
(D) None of the above

Who assumed charge as first ever Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in Mumbai on June 1, 2016?

(A) Anurag Thakur
(B) Rahul Johri
(C) Anil Kumble
(D) Anurag Basu

Which debut novel of Vietnamese American professor Viet Thanh Nguyen has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction?

(A) The Sympathiser
(B) Hamilton
(C) Custer’s Trials
(D) Barbarian Days