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In a bid to keep the domestic prices of sugar under check in the country, the Centre imposed what per cent duty on the export of raw sugar recently?

(A) 05 per cent
(B) 10 per cent
(C) 15 per cent
(D) 20 per cent
(E) 25 per cent

Prayuth Chan-ocha, who visited New Delhi recently, is the present Prime Minister of

(A) Philippines
(B) Vietnam
(C) Thailand
(D) Cambodia
(E) South Korea

Suresh Chandra has been appointed as the new Union

(A) Defence Secretary
(B) Law Secretary
(C) Home Secretary
(D) Revenue Secretary
(E) Finance Secretary

Which of the following teams won the 2016 Champions Trophy hockey tournament?

(A) India
(B) Australia
(C) Japan
(D) Malaysia
(E) Pakistan

The govt has decided in principle to allow export of missile systems to friendly countries. What per cent of the missile capacity will be permitted to be exported?

(A) 10 per cent
(B) 15 per cent
(C) 25 per cent
(D) 33 per cent
(E) 49 per cent

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Duraiappah Stadium, renovated by the Indian govt at accost of over Rs 7.1 cr, in which of the following countries through video conferencing recently?

(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) Afghanistan
(D) Sri Lanka
(E) Bangladesh

Joo Hyunghwan, who visited New Delhi recently, is the present Trade, Industry and Energy Minister of

(A) Japan
(B) South Korea
(C) Malaysia
(D) Singapore
(E) Vietnam

As informed by the Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal recently, all the States have resolved to provide 24×7 power supply to all households by

(A) 17-Jan
(B) 17-Apr
(C) 17-May
(D) 17-Sep
(E) Dec 2017

India and Thailand have agreed to commence talks for CEPA, which stands for

(A) Commerce and Economic Partnership Agreement
(B) Commodity Exchange Partnership Agreement
(C) Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
(D) Comprehensive Export partnership Agreement
(E) None of these

Creating history, who among the following on 18 Jun became the first women fighter pilot(s) to be formally commissioned by the Indian Air Force?

(A) Mohana Singh
(B) Bhawana Kanth
(C) Avani Chaturvedi
(D) All the above
(E) Only 2) and 3)

Which of the following cities declared a “state of public calamity” over a major budget crisis in order to release emergency funds to finance the Olympic Games due to begin in Aug?

(A) Rio de Janeiro
(B) London
(C) Tokyo
(D) Boston
(E) Budapest

The govt has announced that NRIs can now open National Pension Savings accounts online i.e. through eNPS. The regulator for the pension sector in India is


______ won four awards at ‘Film AT which is one of the biggest international film festivals dedicated to tourism, art and ecology in Poland.

(A) Karnataka Tourism
(B) Tamil Nadu Tourism
(C) Madhya Pradesh Tourism
(D) Gujarat Tourism
(E) Kerala Tourism

Naira is the currency of which of the following countries? It was devaluated recently.

(A) Egypt
(B) Cambodia
(C) Zimbabwe
(D) Nigeria
(E) Kenya

Name the technology giant which is going to design mobile application for Union Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministry’s SWAYAM platform.

(A) Google
(B) Wipro
(C) Micros oft
(E) Infosys

PM Narendra Modi outlined the five-point mantra to tax officials at the recent Rajasva Cyan Sangam. The mantra called RAPID stands for

(A) Revenue, Accessibility, Probity, Information and Digitization
(B) Revenue, Accountability, Politeness, Information and Digitization
(C) Revenue, Accountability, Probity, Information and Digitization
(D) Revenue, Accessibility, Probity, Integrity and Digitization
(E) None of these

Manimala Devi, who passed away recently, was a noted

(A) classical dancer
(B) Odia film actress
(C) Assamese singer
(D) Bengali author
(E) painter