Current Affairs-2016 MCQ-12

Name the High Court that held that keeping a criminal case pending for indefinite period amounts to violation of constitutional right of the accused recognised under Article-21 (right to life) of the Constitution of India,

(A) Bombay High Court
(B) Delhi High Court
(C) Madras High Court
(D) Guwahati High Court

Which Ministry has launched a new service Twitter Seva to address issues and grievances of startups, exporters and importers, and other stakeholders?

(A) Ministry of Finance
(B) Ministry of Commerce
(C) NITI Aayog
(D) None of the above

Who became the 5th State to join hands with the Railways for laying of 762 km long rail line in the State and speedy execution of rail projects through joint venture route?

(A) Chhatisgarh
(B) Jharkhand
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Telengana

Which three countries participated in the Malabar Exercise 2016?

(A) France, Italy and Japan
(B) India, United States and Japan
(C) China, Sri Lanka and United States
(D) United States, China and India

In World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) 2016, what is India’s rank out of 180 nations surveyed worldwide in terms of press freedom in 2015?

(A) 132nd
(B) 133rd
(C) 134th
(D) 135th

Under Indo-French Joint Committee on Science & Technology Cooperation, the Joint Committee would identify, synergise and define priorities for Indo-French cooperation in science, technology and innovation aimed to achieve economic and social development through research, development and innovation. When it was signed?

(A) November, 2015
(B) December, 2015
(C) January, 2016
(D) February, 2016

The Income Tax department has launched ……… portal to fast track tax payers grievances.

(A) e-Bharat
(B) e-Nivaran
(C) e-Grievances
(D) e-Nissan

NITI Aayog, government of India’s premier think-tank has launched the ‘Women Transforming India’ initiative on International Women’s Day, in partnership with whom?

(A) UN in India
(B) MyGov
(C) Both of these
(D) None of these

Which digital identification increased access and reduced corruption in public services as per the World Bank?

(A) Voter ID
(B) Aadhar Card
(C) Pan Card
(D) All of these

China has successfully launched the Kunpeng-lB sounding rocket equipped with a new altitude control system. It was launched from a launch pad in Danzhou City in which province of China?

(A) Hainan
(B) Ladakh
(C) Beijing
(D) Chongqing

The scientists tested nimbolide, a compound found in neem leaves, against which kind of cancer in cell lines and mice?

(A) Cervical
(B) Pancreatic
(C) Mouth
(D) Skin

Which prominent snooker made history by clinching the Asian 6-Red Snooker title in Abu Dhabi?

(A) Pankaj Advani
(B) Aditya Mehta
(C) Chitra Magimairaj
(D) Geet Sethi

Which pair has won the 2016 Australian Open title in the mixed doubles category?

(A) Elena Vesnina and Bruno Scares
(B) Coco Vandeweghe and Horia Tecau
(C) Elena Vesnina and Horia Tecau
(D) Coco Vandeweghe and Bruno Scares

Who was recently appointed as the President and Chief Operating Officer of SoftBank group?

(A) Anupam Pahuja
(B) Nikesh Arora
(C) Ken Miyauchi
(D) None of the above

Renowned Kerala cartoonist VI Thomas passed away following a brief illness at in Kottayam, Kerala. He was popularly known as Toms and had created some legendary cartoon characteRs What are they?

(A) Boban
(B) Molly
(C) None of these
(D) Both of the above

Which former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India die in February, 2016?

(A) SS Tarapore
(B) Bimal Jalan
(C) YB Reddy
(D) Manmohan Singh