Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has announced an agreement with which ‘of the following country to build a bridge over the Red Sea connecting the two countries?

(A) Qatar
(B) Bahrain
(C) Syria
(D) Egypt
(E) None

First time women combat pilots were inducted in the Indian Air Force on 18 June 2016 . They are Mohana Singh, Bhawana Kanth and…..

(A) Avani Chaturvedi
(B) Sarla Thakral
(C) C.B. Muthamma
(D) Kiran Bedi
(E) Bachendri Pal

Who won the STAR Sports-ProKabaddi League 2016?

(A) Patna Pirates
(B) Telugu Titans
(C) Jaipur Pink Panthers
(D) Dabang Delhi
(E) Bangalore Bulls

Reserve Bank of India regulations allow universal banks to invest up to what percent in payments banks?

(A) 51 per cent
(B) 10 per cent
(C) 20 per cent
(D) 30 per cent
(E) 26 per cent

In the Monetary Policy Committee, the six members are ……..

(A) Two members represented from RBI and four members selected by government of India.
(B) Three from RBI, one from Commercial banks and two represented by government of India.
(C) One from RBI, five members sends by government of India.
(D) Three members represented from RBI and three members appointed by Central Government.
(E) In the amended Act. the composition of MPC not mentioned.

‘On tap’ Universal Bank shall be required to maintain a minimum capital adequacy ratio of……… of its risk weighted assets (RWA) for a minimum period of three years after the commencement of its operations. However any higher percentage may be prescribed by RBI from time to time.

(A) 11.50%
(B) 9%
(C) 8.50%
(D) 9.50%
(E) 13%

New Chairperson of Central Board of Direct Taxes is ………..

(A) T.S. Vijayan
(B) U.K. Sinha
(C) Santosh Kumar Gangwar
(D) Rani Singh Nair
(E) Arjun Ram Meghwal

Which state has become the first Indian state to pass Land Title Bill?

(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Punjab
(D) Assam
(E) Maharashtra

Who has been appointed as new Chairman of Central Silkboard?

(A) Anil Agarwal
(B) Anand Mahindra
(C) Achyuts Samanta
(D) K.M. Hanumantarayappa
(E) Rangarajan

Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa has been removed as the Governor of which of the following States?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Meghalaya
(C) Manipur
(D) Nagaland
(E) Assam

For Stand up India scheme there is a Rs. 10,000 crore refinance window through?


Who is the ex-officio chairperson of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)?

(A) Finance Secretary, Government of India
(B) Finance Minister
(C) RBI Governor
(D) Chief Economic Advisor to Government of India
(E) Prime Minister

Large industrial houses are excluded as eligible entities to get on-tap license of Universal Bank. However they are permitted to invest in these banks up to ……..

(A) 20%
(B) 10%
(C) 5%
(D) 49%
(E) 49%

CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) set a new formula to calculate production subsidy to which mills for the ongoing 2015-16 season after taking into account of lower production and exports on 3 August 2016?

(A) Food Processing
(B) Petroleum
(C) Sugar
(D) Jute
(E) Cotton

Uttar Pradesh government has directed all the district magistrates for plantation of five crore trees at 6,500 sites in 24 hours on a date fixed in month of July under which of the following programme?

(A) Save water – Save Life
(B) Green UP – Clean UP
(C) Clean India
(D) Green India
(E) None

Who was appointed as Managing Director of State Bank of India?

(A) Dinesh Kumar Khara
(B) Sandeep Kumar Khara
(C) Dilip Sagvi
(D) Ashok Soota
(E) Laxmi Mittal

Who is the brand ambassador of “MAA” (Mother’s Absolute Affection) campaign? (MAA is a program for the promotion of breast-feeding)

(A) Kareena Kapoor
(B) Madhuri Dixit
(C) Twinkle Khanna
(D) Sridevi
(E) Aishwarya Rai