Current General Awareness-2016 MCQ-64

Shram Balaji and Sasi Kumar recently in news belonging to India is related to which among .the following sports?

(A) Badminton
(B) Shooting
(C) Table Tennis
(D) Lawn Tennis
(E) None

RBI announced its Fourth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review on ………..

(A) 1 October 2016
(B) 30 September 2016
(C) 4 October 2016
(D) 21 September 2016
(E) 2 October 2016

Under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, what is the maximum age of a girl child to open an account?

(A) 8 years
(B) 10 years
(C) 12 years
(D) 14 years
(E) 15 years

Ten-rupee notes contain the signature of

(A) Finance Secretary, GOI
(B) Chairman, State Bank of India
(C) Governor, Reserve Bank of India
(D) Finance Minister, GOI
(E) Prime Minister

The newly-formed Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) cited which is the primary reason to reduce the Repo Rate on 4 October 2016?

(A) Increasing oil prices
(B) Recent license to ‘On Tap Licensing system1 of RBI
(C) Increasing inflation
(D) Increasing GDP in the first half of 2016-17 Financial Year
(E) Decreasing inflation

SEBI Tightens Consent norms was the headline in some papers/ magazines recently. Where is the headquarters of SEBI is located?

(A) Hyderabad
(B) Bhopal
(C) Mumbai
(D) Ahmedabad
(E) Chennai

What are the conditions for ASBA from applicant side?

(A) The applicant should be from any of the approved categories eligible to apply in IPO as per SEBI guidelines.
(B) Maintain a Savings Bank or Current Account with SBI
(C) He/she has a Demat account with any of the DPs along with Permanent Account Number(PAN)
(D) He/she has sufficient clear credit balance in his/her Savings Bank or Current account for application money,
(E) All the above

Who was named as a brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh for state tourism to boost tourism?

(A) Arjun Rampal
(B) Ranveer Singh
(C) John Abraham
(D) Rannvijay Singh
(E) None of these

The theme of World Tourism Day (WTD) 2016 is …….

(A) Tourism – Promoting Equality
(B) Tourism for All – Promoting Universal Accessibility
(C) Tourism – Cleanliness and Divinity
(D) Tourism For All – Reaching the Unreached
(E) None of the above

Which bank’s tag line is “Aapka Bhala, Sabki Bhalai”?

(A) IDBI Bank
(B) IDFC Bank
(C) ICICI Bank
(D) Bandhan Bank
(E) Axis Bank

Fiscal deficit in the first five months of the current fiscal stood at Rs 4 .08 lakh cr, which was ____ of Budget estimates for 2016-17

(A) 55.30%
(B) 65.60%
(C) 72.60%
(D) 76.40%
(E) 87.20%

Deep Kumar Upadhyay re-appointed ………envoy to India.

(A) Bhutan
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Mayanmar
(D) Nepal
(E) Maldives

Provisioning is a mandatory requirement for __:

(B) Standard Assets
(C) All assets whether performing or non performing
(D) Non fund based assets only
(E) Provisioning is not mandatory

A Payments Bank cannot?

(A) Issue credit cards
(B) Undertake lending activities
(C) Accept demand deposits
(D) Issue ATM/ Debit cards
(E) Both 1 and 2

Which company has entered into a joint venture with the Saudi Prerogative Company to offer IT services?

(B) L & T infotech
(C) Cognizant
(D) Qualcome
(E) Infosys

Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) is released by which of the following organizations?

(A) United Nations
(B) World Bank
(C) International Monetary Fund
(D) World Economic Forum
(E) None of the above