Current Affairs-2016 MCQ-93

Who takes charge as UCIL Chairman?

(A) C.K. Ansari
(B) P.K. Asnani
(C) C.K. Asnani
(D) P.K. Ansari
(E) None

Om Prakash KohJi sworn in as Madhya Pradesh Governor. He is the ……… Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

(A) 25th
(B) 24th
(C) 23rd
(D) 26th
(E) 27th

Which Bank has been conferred with the Dun & Bradstreet Banking Awards 2016?

(A) Corporation Bank
(B) UCO bank
(C) Syndicate Bank
(D) Canara Bank
(E) ICICI Bank

Which State bagged Best Horticulture State award?

(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Haryana
(C) Kerala
(D) Karnataka
(E) Andhra Pradesh

Which Bank has inked a memorandum of understanding with. Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company for distribution of ” mutual fund products?

(E) Karnataka Bank

Monetary Policy Committee will meet at least ……… times a year.

(A) 5
(B) 8
(C) 3
(D) 4
(E) 6

Through which bonds Oriental Bank to raise Rs 500 cr?

(A) via Tier 1 bonds
(B) via Tier 2 bonds
(C) via Tier 3 bonds
(E) Masala bonds

Which Bank crosses 1 lakh Virtual Payment Addresses on ‘Unified Payments Interface’ (UPI) within three weeks of its launch?

(E) Karnataka Bank

Who has written the novel “Into the Hidden Valley”?

(A) Ruth Adam
(B) Paul Adam
(C) Joan Aiken
(D) MM Bennetts
(E) Walter Alien

Name the US playwright, who has passed away, recently?

(A) Matteo Renzi
(B) Silvio Berlusconi
(C) Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
(D) Giulio Andreotti
(E) Edward Albee

Which Pay U, the global online payment service provider has acquired Citrus Pay for $10 million?

(A) Paytm
(B) Bircil
(C) Freecharge
(D) PayU
(E) Mobilekiwi

Which global online payment service provider launches Aadhaar-based system for KYC. recently?

(A) Paytm
(B) Freecharge
(C) PayU
(D) Mobilekiwi
(E) Postmail

CBDT launches …… to resolve J-T grievance.

(A) e-solution
(B) e- grievance
(C) e-nivaran
(D) e-cbdt
(E) None

Which stock exchange becomes 1st Indian stock exchange to file for IPO?


“Prabal Dostyk-16” joint bilateral military exercise held recently was between India and ………

(A) Kazakhstan
(B) Kyrgyzstan
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Turkmenistan
(E) Tajikistan

Dong Energy has installed the first of the world’s largest wind turbines at its Burbo Bank wind farm off the coast of Britain. Dong Energy company belongs to ………

(A) South Korea
(B) Singapore
(C) Malaysia
(D) Denmark
(E) Norway