Current Affairs-2016 MCQ-89

Which one of the following is the nearest atmospheric layer to the surface of the Earth?

(A) Ionosphere
(B) Stratosphere
(C) Troposphere
(D) Mesophere

Which one of the following elements is a metalloid?

(A) Carbon
(B) Urea
(C) Radon
(D) Silicon

Which one of the following metals does NOT react either with water or with steam?

(A) Calcium
(B) Magnesium
(C) Zinc
(D) Lead

Which one of the following is NOT an example of Operating System?

(A) Windows 98
(B) Microsoft Office XP
(C) Red Hat Linux
(D) BSD Unix

The United Nations announced the year 2016 as the International Year of:

(A) Soils
(B) Pulses
(C) Sustainable Tourism for Development
(D) Light & Light-based Technologies

The Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) held in December 2015 resolved that the implementation of the agreement by all member countries together will be evaluated after:

(A) every two years
(B) every three years
(C) every five years
(D) such number of years as decided by IPCC

Which one of the following is the correct order of per capita emission of carbon dioxide?

(A) USA > Russian Federation > China > India
(B) China > USA > Russian Federation > India
(C) USA > China > Russian Federation > India
(D) USA > China > India > Russian Federation

Which one of the following statements with regard to LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) project is NOT correct?

(A) It is a joint project between scientists at MIT, Caltech and many other Universities throughout the World
(B) The LIGO project team first detected the gravitational waves in September 2015
(C) The LIGO project was funded by UNESCO
(D) A number of Indian scientists are also associated with the LIGO project

Through the ‘Look East Policy’, India wants to establish close ties with which one of the following regional groups?


Recently, who has been appointed as the first woman Chief Justice of Nepal?

(A) Anuradha Koirala
(B) Nirjala Nagendra
(C) Sushila Karki
(D) MalvikaSubba

The Kharchi Puja festival has been started in which of the following states?

(A) Karnataka
(B) Tripura
(C) Odisha
(D) Manipur

Recently, who has won 2016 Women’s Singles Wimbledon Championship?

(A) Maria Sharapova
(B) Angelique Kerber
(C) Serena Williams
(D) Garbine Muguruza

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has signed pact with which NTs for Centre for Propulsion Technology (CoPT)?

(A) NT Bombay and NT Madras
(B) NT Patna and I IT Mandi
(C) NT Delhi and I IT Kanpur
(D) IIT Kharagpur and NT Madras

Who has recently won the 2016 Men’s Singles Wimbledon Championship?

(A) Roger Federer
(B) Milos Raonic
(C) Andy Murray
(D) Novak Djokovic

The Gangajal delivery scheme by Union Government has been started from which city?

(A) Patna
(B) Bhagalpur
(C) Varanasi
(D) Kanpur