Computer Knowledge MCQ-37

Which of the following is not true concerning user IDs and passwords ?

(A) When you enter your user ID and password, the computer known it is you
(B) If your computer asks for a user ID and password, you can create your own
(C) Sometimes you are assigned a user ID and password for security reasons
(D) You should share your user ID and password with at least one other person
(E) None of these

What is a modem connected to ?

(A) processor
(B) mother board
(C) printer
(D) phone line
(E) None of these

An e-mail address typically consists of a user ID followed by the … sign and the name of the e-mail server that manages the user’s electronic post office box.

(A) @
(B) #
(C) &
(D) *
(E) None of these

A web ……. consists of one or more Web pages located on a Web server.

(A) hub
(B) site
(C) story
(D) template
(E) None of these

A computer … is a set of program instructions that can attach itself to a file, reproduce itself, and spread to other files.

(A) worm
(B) virus
(C) Trojan horse
(D) phishing scam
(E) None of theses

…….. makes it possible for shoppers to make purchases using their computers.

(A) E-World
(B) E-Commerce
(C) E-spend
(D) E-business
(E) None of these

Programs such as Internet Explorer that serve as navigable windows into the Web are called……… .

(A) Hypertext
(B) Networks
(C) Internet
(D) Web browsers
(E) None of these

…… this is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it.

(A) Network piracy
(B) Plagiarism
(C) Software piracy
(D) Site-license piracy
(E) None of these

Which of the following is the communications protocol that sets the standard used by every computer that accesses Web-based information?

(A) XML .
(E) None of these

A … is a computer attached to the Internet that runs a special Web server software and can send Web pages out to other computers over the Internet.

(A) web client
(B) web system
(C) web page
(D) web server
(E) None of these

…… are a type of inexpensive digital camera that remains tethered to a computer and used for videoconferencing, video chatting and live Web broadcast,

(A) Webcames
(B) Webpics
(C) Browsercams
(D) Browserpics
(E) None of these

The standard protocol of the internet is ……….

(B) Java
(D) Flash
(E) None of these

The acronym HTML stands for …….. .

(A) High Transfer Machine Language
(B) High Transmission Markup Language
(C) Hypertext Markup Language
(D) Hypermedia Markup Language
(E) None of these

The software that allows users to surf the internet is called a/an……. .

(A) Search engine
(B) Internet Service Provider (ISP)
(C) Multimedia application
(D) Browser
(E) None of these

modem ……….

(A) translates analog signals from a computer into digital signals that can travel along conventional telephone lines
(B) translates digital signals from a computer into analog signals that can travel along conventional telephone lines
(C) demodulates digitals signals from a computer
(D) modulates signals an analog telephone line
(E) None of these

A Web site address is a unique name that identifies a specific ….. on the Web.

(A) Web browser
(C) Web site
(D) link
(E) None of these

The Internet allows you to …….

(A) send electronic mail
(B) view Web pages
(C) connect to servers all around the world
(D) All of these
(E) None of these