Computer Knowledge MCQ-33

Vendor-created program modifications are called ……. ,

(A) patches
(B) antivirus
(C) holes
(D) fixes
(E) overlaps

Every computer has a(n)………; many also have ……….

(A) Operating system; a client system
(B) Operating system; instruction sets
(C) application programs; an operating system
(D) operating system; application programs
(E) None of these

Which of the following is not a type of computer software which can be bought ?

(A) Off-the-shelf
(B) Tailor-made
(C) Custom-developed
(D) All of these can be purchased
(E) None of these

Computer software can be defined as …….. .

(A) the computer and its associated equipment
(B) the instructions that tell the computer what to do
(C) computer components that act to accomplish a goal
(D) an interface between the computer and the network
(E) the interaction between the computer and its database.

Computer equipment itself is called ……. .

(A) hardware
(B) byte
(C) mouse
(D) software
(E) default

A…… is the general term for hardware not necessary to the basic function of the computer, connected externally.

(A) icon
(B) bit
(C) keyboard
(D) peripheral
(E) None of these

The ………….. of a system includes the programs or the instructions,

(A) peripheral
(B) icon
(C) software
(D) information
(E) hardware

A(n)….. backup contains a copy of every program, data, and system file on a computer.

(A) restoration
(B) bootstrap
(C) differential
(D) full
(E) None of these

Every component of your computer is either ……… .

(A) application software or system software
(B) software or CPU/RAM
(C) hardware or software
(D) input devices or output devices
(E) None of these

Users use often …………….. for access to mainframe or supercomputer.

(A) terminal
(B) node
(C) desktop
(D) handheld
(E) none of these

To create a .. personal computers can connect together,

(A) server
(B) super computer
(C) enterprise
(D) network
(E) none of these

A combination of hardware and software, which provides facilities of sending and rationing of information between computer devices.

(A) Network
(B) Peripheral
(C) Expansion slot
(D) Digital device
(E) None of these

Server is a computer which provides resources other computers commuted in a ………….

(A) network
(B) mainframe
(C) super computers
(D) clients
(E) None of these

A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be ………

(A) distributed
(B) wireless
(C) centralized
(D) open Source
(E) None of these

Several computers linked to a server to share programs and storage space—

(A) Network
(B) Grouping
(C) Library
(D) Integrated system
(E) None of these

Computers connected to a LAN (local area network) can

(A) run faster
(B) go on line
(C) share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(D) e-mail
(E) None of these

What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network ?

(A) Keyboards
(B) Speakers
(C) Floppy disk drives
(D) Printers
(E) None of these