Computer Knowledge MCQ-30

Which of the following statements is true concerning ?

(A) Virtual memory is the space on the hard drive where to the O.S. begins to store data when it because memory bound
(B) Accessing data from RAM is slower than accessing data from virtual memory
(C) Both of these
(D) If a computer is memory bound, adding more RAM will not solve the problem
(E) None of these

Copying computer program or software without permission of its author is called—

(A) Highway robbery
(B) Larceny
(C) Software piracy
(D) Embezzlement
(E) None of these

Peripheral devices such as printers and monitors are considered to be—

(A) Hardware
(B) Software
(C) Data
(D) Information
(E) None of these

Another word for software is ………..

(A) input
(B) output
(C) program
(D) system
(E) None of these

Antivirus software is an example of ………….. .

(A) business software
(B) an operating system
(C) a security utility
(D) an office suite
(E) none of these

A ……… backup contains a copy of every program, data and system file on a computer.

(A) restoration
(B) bootstrap
(C) differential
(D) full
(E) none of these

Restarting a computer that is already on is referred to as—

(A) Shut down
(B) Cold booting
(C) Warm booting
(D) Logging off
(E) None of these

Which is not an item of hardware ?

(A) An MP3 file
(B) A keyboard
(C) A monitor
(D) A mouse
(E) None of these

Compatibility in regard to computers refers to ……….. .

(A) The software doing the right job for the user
(B) It being versatile enough to handle the job
(C) The software being able to run on the computer
(D) Software running with other previously installed software
(E) None of these

A device that is connected to the motherboard is ……….

(A) called an external device
(B) called an adjunct device
(C) called a peripheral device
(D) must connect using ribbon cable
(E) None of these

Documentation of computer programs is important so that…………. .

(A) users can learn how to use the program
(B) other programmers can know how to maintain the program
(C) the programmer can see why the code is written that way while hunting for sources of error
(D) all of the above
(E) None of these

The process of preparing a floppy diskette for use is called

(A) assembling
(B) translating
(C) parsing
(D) formatting
(E) none of these

The physical components of a computer system ……….. .

(A) software
(B) hardware
(D) control unit
(E) None of these

The ability of an OS to run more than one application at a time is called ……………………. .

(A) multitasking
(B) object-oriented programming
(C) multi-user computing
(D) time-sharing
(E) None of these

Developing sets of instructions for the computer to follow and to do the task the same way as many times as needed is called …………. .

(A) listing
(B) sequencing
(C) programming
(D) directing
(E) None of these

The term used to define all input and output devices in a computer system is ……………

(A) monitor
(B) software
(C) shared resources
(D) hardware
(E) None of these

Which is not an item of hardware ?

(A) An MP3 File
(B) A keyboard
(C) A Disk drive
(D) A Monitor
(E) None of these