Computer Knowledge MCQ-49

All forms of ROM are also known as


What is the level of FCFS scheduling algorithm?


In which port do you plug in the cable of your keyboard?

USB Port

1 kilobyte is equal to how many bites? 1024

ICT stands for Information and Communication

Technology Internet works on which type of switching?

Packet Switching

The ability of an operating system to run more than one application at a time is called what?


A set of rules that governs data communication is called


The medicine Paracetamol is which kind of medicine?

An Analgesic and Antipyretic

The weight of a body at the centre of Earth is


Which keys enable the input of numbers quickly?

Numeric Keypad

On CD-RW, which kind of thing are done?

Read, Write and Rewrite

ASCII stands for what?

American Standard Code for Information Intercharge

Which device can input images, pictures, etc. to a computer?


The range of frequencies that a medium can pass is called


URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator Name a device which is not used as input device for a


The language of 0 s and 1 s is called as

Plotter Binary

A compiler is a software which converts high level language to what?

Machine Language

To start a slide in MS Power Point, which key or key combination is pressed?


Which part of the body is affected by pneumonia disease?


What does CD-ROM refers to in computer system?

Optical Disk

Name the extension of Microsoft Excel file


Which technology is used in compact disc?


If a computer provides database service to other, then it will be known as

Database Server

Which application is used to prepare a presentation/slide show?


How many bits are equal to 1 byte?


What is the name of the smallest resolvable part of a picture?


When the connection between two nodes terminates then what will occur?

Network Congestion

Scanned signature on computer is known as what?

Digital Signature

Bluetooth is an example of what kind of network?

Personal Area Network

What is the other name of the secret key encryption?

Private Encryption

Tools that is used to transfer data/files among computers on the internet


When was the Information Technology Act amended in India?


Ctrl+R can be used for reopen which document?

Last Closed

Vacuum tubes used by which generation computer systems?


Name the short cut key that inserts a new slide in current presentation?