Computer Knowledge MCQ-27

An example of a processing device would be …… .

(A) a magnetic ink reader
(B) a tablet PC
(C) Special function cards
(D) scanners
(E) keyboards

A……… is hardware used to read disks.

(A) floppy disk
(B) hardware
(C) software
(D) disk drive

The …… is the box that houses the most important parts of a computer system.

(A) software
(B) hardware
(C) input device
(D) system unit
(E) None of these

…….. hard drives are permanently located inside the system unit and are not designed to be removed, unless,, they need to be repaired or replaced

(A) Static
(B) Internal
(C) External
(D) Remove
(E) None of these

The pictorial representation of a program or algorithm is called a …..

(A) chart
(B) salve chart
(C) flow chart
(D) mix chart
(E) none of these

…………….. .is applicable in all computers.

(A) Basic language
(B) Cobol language
(C) Machine language
(D) Fortran
(E) None of these

……………… is a set of symbols, keywords and set of rules to construct statement.

(A) Computer program
(B) Programming language
(C) Assemble
(D) Syntax
(E) None of these

Computer language used on the internet is …………

(A) Basic
(B) Cobol
(C) Java
(D) Pascal
(E) None of these

Computer programs are written in a high level programming language, however the human readable version of a program is called —

(A) Cache
(B) Instruction set
(C) Source code
(D) Word size
(E) None of these

A prescribed set of well-defined instructions for solving mathematical problems is called —

(A) A compiler
(B) A code
(C) A description
(D) An algorithm
(E) None of these

Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia web pages,

(B) Java
(D) Assembler
(E) None of these

A …… contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.

(A) programming language
(B) programming structure
(C) syntax
(D) logic chart
(E) None of these

A graphic presentation of the sequence of steps needed to solve a programming problem is called a—

(A) program flowchart
(B) step chart
(C) rule diagram
(D) program graph
(E) None of these

The operating system called UNIX is typically used for

(A) desktop computers
(B) laptop computers
(C) supercomputers
(D) web servers
(E) All of these

C, BASIC, COBOL and Java are examples of ……language.

(A) low-level
(B) computer
(C) system programming
(D) high-level
(E) None of these

To calculate perform calculation and store data computer user ………. number system.

(A) Decimal
(B) Hexadecimal
(C) Octal
(D) Binary
(E) None of these

The term bit is short for ………………….. .

(A) Megabyte
(B) Binary language
(C) Binary digit
(D) Binary number
(E) None of these