Computer Knowledge MCQ-48

In order to e-mail a Word document from within Word

(A) Go to file / Send To / Mail Recipient
(B) Save the file as an e-mail attachment
(C) Start Outlook and attach the file while open in Word
(D) This is an impossible operation
(E) None of these

The …… feature in Word automatically corrects certain spelling, typing, capitalization, or grammar errors,

(A) AutoFix
(B) AutoSpell
(C) AutoMark
(D) AutoCorrect
(E) None of these

You organize files by storing them in …….. .

(A) archives
(B) folders
(C) indexes
(D) lists
(E) None of these

In order to create columnar data in Word you need to

(A) Tab consecutively until cursor reaches the desired place
(B) Set tabs or use the Table menu
(C) You need to use Excel
(D) Press the space bar until your cursor reaches the desired place
(E) None of these

When you want to move some text from one page to a different page, the best method is ……….. .

(A) drag and drop
(B) cut and past
(C) delete and retype
(D) find and replace
(E) None of these

A red wavy line under a word indicates that the word

(A) is too long for the line of text
(B) is not in the dictionary file and therefore might be spelt incorrectly
(C) is not appropriate for that particular sentence
(D) is a verb
(E) None of these

When creating a word-processed document, this step involves the user changing how words on the page appear, both on the screen and in printed form …….. .

(A) Editing text
(B) Inserting tables and indexes
(C) Formatting text
(D) Proofing documents
(E) None of these

When a file is saved for the first time ………….

(A) a copy is automatically printed
(B) it must be given a name to identify it
(C) it does not need a name
(D) it only needs a name if it is not going to be printed
(E) None of these

Software you can use to create a budget is called …….. .

(A) word processing software
(B) graphics software
(C) utility software
(D) spreadsheet software
(E) None of these

Numbers and formulae entered in a cell are called …… .

(A) labels
(B) numeric entries
(C) intersection
(D) text
(E) fillers

Microsoft Office is an example of a ……

(A) closed source software
(B) open source software
(C) horizontal market software
(D) vertical market software
(E) compiler

You can use …. to copy selected text; and …. to paste it in a document.

(B) CTRL + C, CTRL + P
(C) CTRL + S, CTRL + S
(D) SHIFT + C, ALT + P
(E) CTRL + D, CTRL + A

Numbers in table columns are usual ……

(A) right-aligned
(B) left-aligned
(C) justified
(D) centered
(E) None of these

Each box in a spreadsheet is called a ……

(A) cell
(B) empty space
(C) record
(D) field
(E) table

When a file is saved for the first time ……

(A) a copy is automatically printed
(B) file name and folder name must be the same
(C) it does not need a name
(D) it must be given a name to identify it
(E) None of these

If a previously saved file is edited ……

(A) it cannot be saved again
(B) the changes will automatically be saved in the file
(C) the file will only have to be saved again if it is more than one page in length
(D) the file must be saved again to store the changes
(E) None of these

To print a document……

(A) select the Print command and then select OK
(B) select the Ready Printer command then select OK
(C) type Print and then press Enter
(D) close the document, select the Print command, then select OK
(E) None of these

A………… is a collection of information saved as a unit.

(A) folder
(B) file
(C) path
(D) file extension
(E) None of these