Computer Knowledge MCQ-184

The name that the user gives to a document is referred to as

(A) document-name
(B) file-name
(C) name-given
(D) document-identity
(E) None of these

A term relating to sending data to a satellite is

(A) downlink
(B) modulate
(C) demodulate
(D) uplink
(E) interrelate

VALUE! refers to __.

(A) Addition of value
(B) Subscript of the number value
(C) Error in value
(D) Font value
(E) None of these

Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is

(A) 26 characters
(B) 87 characters
(C) 127 characters
(D) 156 characters
(E) None of above

__ is the physical device of a computersystem,

(A) Software
(B) Hardware
(C) Application
(D) Program
(E) None of these

The user generally applies __ to access mainframe or super computer

(A) Terminal
(B) Node
(C) Desktop
(D) Hand held
(E) None of these

Which is valid extension that user creates on operating system?

(A) Exe
(B) Com
(C) Sys
(D) Bat
(E) None of these

The collection of links throughout the Internet creates an interconnected network called the

(A) Router
(B) Hardware
(C) World Wide Web
(D) Modem
(E) None of these

A Web site’s main page is called its __

(A) Home Page
(B) Browser page
(C) Search Page
(D) Bookmark
(E) None of these

Which of the following shortcut key is used to create a new folder?

(A) Right Click Button + W + Enter
(B) Right Click Button + F + Enter
(C) Right Click Button + N + Enter
(D) Ctrl + N
(E) No shortcut available

A computer professional who writes and tests software is called a(n) __

(A) hardware consultant
(B) librarian
(C) programmer
(D) computer operator
(E) data entry operator

The process of textiles was simplified by __.

(A) Joseph Jacquard
(B) Pascal
(C) Heney Jobs
(D) Charles Babbage
(E) Ada Byron

To displays the Open dialog box to open or find a file, press __.

(A) Alt + O
(B) Ctrl + O
(C) Tab + O
(D) Esc + O
(E) None of these

If the bit in X.25 standard is set to 1, it means that there is more than one packet.

(A) Q
(B) D
(C) M
(D) P
(E) None of these

What is a(n) exception condition in a computer system caused by an event external to the CPU?

(A) halt
(B) interrupt
(C) wait
(D) process
(E) break

What are the animation-like effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next?

(A) Highlight
(B) Header
(C) Footer
(D) Slide transitions
(E) None of these