Computer Knowledge MCQ-185

Which type of memory is closely related to processor?

(A) Main Memory
(B) Secondary Memory
(C) Disk Memory
(D) Tape Memory
(E) None of these

How many types of memory does a computer have?

(A) Four
(B) Eight
(C) One
(D) Two
(E) Five

To change Current Date from Gateway of Tally press the key

(A) F1
(B) F5
(C) F2
(D) F9
(E) None of these

Which is not an item of hardware?

(A) An MP3
(B) A keyboard
(C) A disk drive
(D) A monitor
(E) None of these

A step-by-step procedure used to solve a problem is called

(A) Operating system
(B) Algorithm
(C) Application program
(D) All of these
(E) None of the above

When a real time telephone call, between people is made over the “Internet using computers, it is called.

(A) a chat session
(B) an E-mail
(C) an instant message
(D) Internet telephony
(E) None of these

Computer programs are written in a high-level programming language; however, the human-readable version of a program is called __

(A) cache
(B) instruction set
(C) source code
(D) word size
(E) None of these

To select all the items in a folder, press

(A) Ctri + S
(B) Ctrl + A
(C) Ctrl + Home
(D) Ctrl+Alt+A
(E) None of these

The secret code that restricts entry to some programs __

(A) password
(B) passport
(C) entry-code
(D) access-code
(E) None of these

Office Assistant is

(A) An application that allows you to take notes and save them in file
(B) A button on the standard toolbar that executes the Save command
(C) A collection of Autocorrect options in Word
(D) An animated character that offers help and suggestions
(E) None of these

To get Payroll Reports choose

(A) Gateway of Tally > Display
(B) Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts
(C) Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Payroll
(D) Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports
(E) None of these

What is a note or annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document?

(A) Comment
(B) Caption
(C) Header
(D) Footer
(E) None of these

What is the name of the record-like object which is coated with a magnetic material and is used for storing data in a computer?

(A) Tape
(B) Track
(C) Disk
(D) Format
(E) None of these

In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close buttons appear on

(A) The title bar
(B) Menu bar
(C) Status bar
(D) Ruler bar
(E) Tool bar

___ provides process and memory management services that allow two or more tasks, jobs, or programs to run simultaneously.

(A) Multitasking
(B) Multithreading
(C) Multiprocessing
(D) Multicomputing
(E) None of these

Which storage device is mounted on ‘reels’?

(A) Floppy disk
(B) Hard disk
(C) Magnetic tape
(E) None of these