Computer Knowledge MCQ-161

RDBMS stands for__.

(A) Relation Date Basic Management System
(B) Relation Data Binary Magnitude System
(C) Relational Database Management System
(D) Relation Data Binary Management System
(E) None of these

Devices that allow you to put information into the computer

(A) input
(B) output
(C) type
(D) print
(E) None of these

Binary digits are briefed as __.

(A) Bit
(B) Byte
(C) Bite
(D) Byti
(E) None of these

Repeaters operate in which layer of OSI model?

(A) Application layer
(B) Presentation layer
(C) Physical layer
(D) Transport layer
(E) Data link layer

Devices that make up a computer system that you can see or touch __

(A) menu
(B) return
(C) software
(D) hardware
(E) None of these

__ is when the computer is turned ON and the operating system is loaded.

(A) Booting
(B) Flashing
(C) Tracking
(D) Taping
(E) None of these

What is used for creating Windows applications?

(C) Adobe PageMaker
(D) Visual Basic
(E) None of these

If you do not want to select any option after opening a menu then click menu title again or press key __ to close the menu.

(A) Shift
(B) Tab
(C) Escape
(D) F1
(E) None of these

To make the selected text italic, the shortcut key is__.

(A) Ctrl+1
(B) Ctrl+K
(C) Ctrl+l
(D) Ctrl+Alt+l
(E) None of these

The __ performs simple mathematics for the CPU.

(D) Register
(E) None of these

Each computer have a/an __, & some __.

(A) Operating System, Application Programs
(B) Internet Browser, Document files
(C) Hard Disk, Programming programs,
(D) Operating system, Tally
(E) None of these

When a chart is placed on this, it is much larger and there is no other data on it.

(A) Chart sheet
(B) Exclusive sheet
(C) Primary sheet
(D) Reference sheet
(E) None of these

You can show an entire page or multiple pages at the same time using __ options.

(A) Word
(B) Draft
(C) Zoom
(D) Show/Hide
(E) Hide page

A __ is used mainly for typing text into your computer.

(A) Speaker
(B) Monitor .
(C) Keyboard
(D) Scanner
(E) None of these

Which of the following statement is true?

(A) In an indexed field you may or may not enter duplicate value depending upon setting
(B) Foreign key fields don’t allow duplicate values
(C) In primary key field you can enter duplicate value
(D) All statements are true
(E) None of these

CDs are of which shape?

(A) Square
(B) Rectangular
(C) Round
(D) Hexagonal
(E) None of these