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Computer Knowledge MCQ-247

A joystick is primarily used to / for__

(A) Control sound on the screen
(B) Computer gaming
(C) Enter text
(D) Draw pictures
(E) Print text

What is the term for unsolicited Email?

(A) Newsgroup
(B) Usenet
(C) Backbone
(D) Flaming
(E) Spam

Microsoft Office is

(A) Shareware
(B) Public-domain software
(C) Open source software
(D) An application suit
(E) Firmware

D1R command is used to

(A) Display contents of files in directory
(B) Display a list of files in a directory
(C) Display type of files in a sub directory
(D) All of above
(E) None of these

What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC-AT?

(A) Applied Technology
(B) Advance Technology
(C) Additional Technology
(D) Assemble Technology
(E) None of the Above

Which of the following operating does not implement multitasking truly?

(A) Windows 98
(B) Windows NT
(C) Windows XP
(E) None of these

To protect yourself from computer hacker, you should turn on a __.

(A) Firewall
(B) Script
(E) Antivirus

Computers use the _ number system to store data and perform calculations.

(A) binary
(B) octal
(C) decimal
(D) hexadecimal
(E) None of these

What is Windows Explorer?

(A) A drive
(C) A web browser
(D) A network
(E) A file manager

The ability of an OS to run more than one application at a time is called __

(A) multitasking
(B) object-oriented programming
(C) multi-user computing
(D) time sharing
(E) None of these

___is the father of punched card.

(A) Herman Hollerith
(B) Joanthan Iva
(C) Charles Babbage
(D) Blaise Pascal
(E) None of these

Press __ to saves the active file with its current file name, location, and file format,

(A) Ctrl + S
(B) Alt + S
(C) Ctrl + Alt + Esc
(D) Alt + Tab + Esc
(E) None of these

Encryption and decryption are functions of

(A) Transport layer
(B) Session layer
(C) Presentation layer
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

A group of wires running parallel to each other in between two connected computer parts and which transfers information is called a

(A) track
(B) bus
(C) cable
(D) bundle
(E) None of these

Which feature used to check spelling of the text?

(A) Research
(B) Find
(C) Replace
(D) Spelling
(E) None of these

Different applications and documents of windows desktop are represented by

(A) Symbols
(B) Lebels
(C) Graph
(D) Icons
(E) None of these

A half byte is known as

(A) data
(B) bit
(C) half byte
(D) nibble
(E) None of these

F12 is known as

(A) Company Features
(B) Company Configuration
(C) Accounting Features
(D) Tax
(E) None of these

The portion that shows all the choices you can make while working in a window is called the __

(A) options
(B) table
(C) menu bar
(D) item bar
(E) None of these