Computer Knowledge MCQ-130

What is the function of control unit in CPU?

(A) To transfer data to primary storage
(B) To store program instruction
(C) To perform logic operations
(D) To decode program instructions

If you want to add arrowheads to multiple lines, select the first line and then press and hold __ while you select the other lines,

(A) Alt
(B) Tab
(C) Space
(D) Ctrl
(E) None of these

A printer is this kind of device

(A) input
(B) word processing
(C) processing
(D) output
(E) None of these

A __ represents approximately one billion memory location.

(A) kilobyte
(B) megabyte
(C) gigabyte
(D) terabyte
(E) None of these

In a hierarchical model, records are organised as __.

(A) tree
(B) graph
(C) list
(D) links
(E) None of. these

A program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making budgets __

(A) calculator
(B) spreadsheet
(C) budgeter
(D) financier
(E) None of these

Word processing is a(n) __.

(A) Application software
(B) System software
(C) Programmable software
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

__ to transmit information on the World Wide Web.

(E) None of these

Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only?

(A) Floppy disk
(B) Magnetic disk
(C) Magnetic tape
(D) Optical disk
(E) None of these

When a command is not available for selection until certain other conditions are met, it is called a(n):

(A) dimmed command
(B) unavailable command
(C) dialog box
(D) all of these
(E) none of the above

The result of a SQL SELECT statement is a(n)

(A) report
(B) form
(C) file
(D) table
(E) None of these

__ are often delivered to a PC through an email attachment and are often designed to do harm.

(A) Viruses
(B) Spam
(C) Portals
(D) Email messages
(E) None of these

Microsoft Office Word creates a __ for you when you press ENTER or the SPACEBAR after you type the address of an existing Web page.

(A) Chart
(B) SmartArt
(C) Header
(D) Hyperlink
(E) Footer

In Computer System Scanner is __ Device?

(A) Input
(B) Output
(C) Both a & b
(D) Extraput
(E) None of the above

In page preview mode __

(A) You can see all pages of your document
(B) You can only see the page you are currently working
(C) You can only see pages that do not contain graphics
(D) You can only see the title page of your document
(E) None of these

___ search engine sends request for information to several search engines simultaneously and compiles the results

(A) Meta
(B) Individual
(C) Directory
(D) Subject directory
(E) None of these