Computer Knowledge MCQ-96

We can change the Company Information from

(A) Company Info > Back up
(B) Company Info > Alter
(C) Company Info >Split Company Data
(D) Company Info >View
(E) None of these

What is the shape of CDs?

(A) Quadrilateral
(B) Rectangular
(C) Circular
(D) Hexagonal
(E) None of these

__ is a set of computer programs used on a computer to perform the task.

(A) An instruction
(B) Software
(C) Memory
(D) A processor
(E) None of these

The process of connecting to the Internet account is

(A) Login
(B) Logout
(C) Sign In
(D) Sign Out
(E) None of these

The main directory of a disk is called the __ directory.

(A) root
(B) sub
(C) folder
(D) network
(E) None of these

Press Windows logo key + E for open __.

(A) My Computer
(B) My document
(C) Recycle Bin
(D) Control Panel
(E) None of these

__ is/are the attribute(s) of good software.

(A) Software maintainability
(B) Software development
(C) Software functionality
(D) Both (a) and (c)
(E) All of the above

In table design view, which key can be used to switch between the field names and properties panels?

(A) F6
(B) F12
(C) F1
(D) F10
(E) None of these

Which application we will use to make program more portable?

(A) Windows APP
(B) Windows API
(C) Windows SPZ
(D) Windows XOP
(E) Windows ZOP

Use this when you want to make all letter’s capital without having to use the shift key for each character.

(A) Shifter
(B) Upper case
(C) Caps Lock key
(D) Icon
(E) None of these

Data that is copied from an application is stored in the __

(A) Driver
(B) Terminal
(C) Prompt
(D) Clipboard
(E) None of these

‘MICR’ technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to, __

(A) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(B) Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
(C) Magnetic Information Cable Recognition
(D) Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition
(E) None of these

In Service tax Credit Adjustment (%) should be either

(A) 20%
(B) 100%
(C) Both a & b
(D) 30%
(E) None of these

What is place to the left of horizontal scroll bar?

(A) Ribbon
(B) View buttons
(C) Insert tab
(D) Indicators
(E) None of above

It refers to a set of rules that co-ordinates the exchange of information.

(A) Transmission mode
(B) Protocol
(C) Half-duplex
(D) Full-duplex
(E) None of these

With a CD you can __

(A) Read
(B) Write
(C) Read and Write
(D) Either Read or Write
(E) None of these