Computer knowledge MCQ-2

Computer Knowledge Objective Questions and Ansers for SBI,LIC,IBPS,GIC,ICICI,PSUBank Exams

Questions No:1

Which of the following is N’OT a type of Internet connection ?

(A) Cable
(C) Dial-up
(D) Satellite
(E) None of these

Questions No:2

Which of the following can not be a wireless network ?

(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Questions No:3

To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction length should be

(A) Multiple of character size only
(B) Of word size only
(C) Of file size only
(D) Of word size which is multiple of character size
(E) None of these

Questions No:4

Personal computers use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for such boards?

(A) Daughterboard
(B) Motherboard
(C) Father board
(D) Breadboard
(E) None of these

Questions No:5

Access time is:

(A) seek time + latency time
(B) seek time
(C) seek time – latency time
(D) latency time
(E) None of these

Questions No:6

During the boot process, the …… looks for the system files.

(A) CD

Questions No:7

RAM is ……… and………..

(A) volatile, temporary
(B) non-volatile, permanent
(C) non-volatile, temporary
(D) volatile, permanent
(E) None of the above

Questions No:8

Which of the following is not a part of a standard office suite?

(A) Word Processor
(B) Data base
(C) Image Editor
(D) File Manager
(E) None of these

Questions No:9

Which of these e-commerce systems can handle non monetary documents ?

(E) None of these

Questions No:10

Without using the mouse or the arrow keys, what is the fastest way of getting to cell Al in a spreadsheet?

(A) Press Ctrl +Home
(B) Press Home
(C) Press Shift + Home
(D) Press Alt + Home
(E) Press Ctrl.+ Up arrow

Questions No:11

Storage media such as a CD read and write information using ………

(A) a laser beam of red light
(B) magnetic dots
(C) magnetic strips
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Questions No:12

Backup is :

(A) Deleting all data from disk drive
(B) Moving all data from original location to another storage media
(C) Protecting data by copying it from source location to another location
(D) Accessing data from a tape drive
(E) None of these

Questions No:13

The first computers were programmed using :

(A) assembly language
(B) machine language
(C) spaghetti code
(D) source code
(E) None of the above

Questions No:14

HUB is

(A) layer 1 device
(B) central device
(C) dumb device
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Questions No:15

Which out of the following is not a programming language?

(A) Foxpro
(B) Java
(C) C
(E) None of these

Questions No:16

Which generation of computer is still under development:

(A) Fourth Generation
(B) Fifth Generation
(C) Sixth Generation
(D) Seventh Generation
(E) None of these

Questions No:17

There are several primary categories of procedures. Which of the following is not a primary category of procedures ?

(A) Testing
(B) Backup and recovery
(C) Firewall development
(D) Design
(E) None of these

Questions No:18

Hotmail, a free web-based email service operated by I which company ?;

(A) Apple
(B) Rediff
(C) Microsoft
(D) Yahoo
(E) Google

Questions No:19

Which of the following is not a component of an e-wallet ?

(A) Digital cash
(B) Communication manager
(C) User profile manager
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Questions No:20

We are shifting towards computerization because

(A) Current technologies are available
(B) Technologies help in meeting the business objectives.
(C) Hire the employees that are expert in the latest technologies are available
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these