Computer Knowledge MCQ-50

You can keep your personal files/folder in ___.

(A) My folder
(B) My document
(C) My files
(D) My text
(E) None of the above

An AND gate with schematic “bubbles” on its inputs performs the same function as a(n) __ gate.

(B) OR
(E) None of these

A computer system includes

(A) hardware
(B) software
(C) peripheral devices
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

What are the basic rectangular building blocks of a spreadsheet?

(A) Help button
(B) Zoom slider
(C) All of these
(D) Cells
(E) None of these

e-Marketing is same as __

(A) virtual marketing
(B) digital marketing
(C) real time marketing
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

All the logic and mathematical calculations done by the computer happen in/on the

(A) system board
(B) central control unit
(C) central processing unit
(D) motherboard
(E) memory

__ refers to back the object to one level or to all objects.

(A) Bring to front
(B) Send to back
(C) Align
(D) Rotate
(E) None of these

In Excel, Charts are created using which option?

(A) Chart Wizard
(B) Pivot Table
(C) Pie Chart
(D) Bar Chart
(E) None of these

The analytical engine developed during first generation of computers used __ as a memory unit.

(B) Floppies
(C) Cards
(D) Counter wheels
(E) None of these

In E-R diagram, derived attribute(s) is/are represented by

(A) ellipse
(B) dashed ellipse
(C) rectangle
(D) triangle
(E) None of these

A Website address is a unique name that identifies a specific __ on the web.

(A) Web browser
(C) Web site
(D) link
(E) None of these

__ is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and application software to work together.

(A) Word Processing Software
(B) Utility Software
(C) System Software
(D) Programming Software
(E) None of these

__ contains the basic software you need in order to find, retrieve, view, and send information over the Internet,

(A) Web Browser
(B) Router
(C) Website
(D) Modem
(E) None of these

The most common input devices include __

(A) Monitor and keyboard
(B) Monitor and mouse
(C) Mouse and keyboard
(D) Printer and mouse
(E) None of these

A file that has a specific application program attached to it that will open when the file is opened is called a(n):

(A) subfolder
(B) hyperlink
(C) associated file
(D) pane
(E) none of these

The SQL statement that queries or reads data from a table is __ .

(E) None of the above