Computer Knowledge MCQ-53

What is close button?

(A) A small black button used to recycle files
(B) A small red button used to shutdown computer
(C) A small button used to close the window
(D) On click, it open dialogue box and document is closed
(E) None of the above

Which of the following input device used to control the velocity of the screen?

(A) Light Pen
(B) Joystick
(C) Mouse
(D) Keyboard
(E) None of these

The name of the data representation in a computer uses the number system is __.

(A) Binary
(B) Decimal
(C) Hexadecimal
(D) Octal
(E) None of these

Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate


For opening and closing of the file in Excel, you can use which bar?

(A) Formatting
(B) Standard
(C) Title
(D) Formatting or Title
(E) None of these

__ is the acronym for basic input output system, a set of programs that are hardcoded on a chip to load into ROM at startup.

(E) None of these

Encryption/decryption provides a network with ___.

(A) privacy
(B) authenticity
(C) integrity
(D) non-repudiation
(E) None of these

Which of the following is billionth of a second ?

(A) Gigabyte
(B) Terabyte
(C) Nanosecond
(D) Microsecond
(E) Terasecond

The shortcut key for copy selected text/picture in MS Word is __.

(A) Ctrl+V
(B) Ctrl+C
(C) Ctrl+Y
(D) Ctrl+Z
(E) None of these

The first computers were programmed using :

(A) assembly language
(B) machine language
(C) source code
(D) object code
(E) spaghetti code

Name the first general purpose electronic computer.

(C) Mac

Which sign indicate to multiplication?

(A) Forward slash
(B) Percent sign
(C) Caret
(D) Asterisk
(E) None of these

The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately __is used.

(A) file allocation table
(B) directory
(C) sequential access
(D) direct access
(E) None of these

__ registers holds the information before it goes to the decoder.

(A) Control register
(B) Bus register
(C) Data register
(D) Address register
(E) None of these

Which option allows you to select line, curve, freeform or scribble tools?

(A) Create effect
(B) Insert motion path
(C) Draw custom path
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location you should use the __ command.

(A) Save
(B) Save and replace
(C) Save as
(D) New file
(E) None of these