Computer Knowledge MCQ-68

A named area on a disk that is used to store related subfolders and files is call a(n) __ .

(A) desktop
(B) folder
(C) menu
(D) window
(E) none of these

Second normal form should meet all the rules for

(A) 1 NF
(B) 3NF
(C) 4 NF
(D) 5 NF
(E) None of these

The primarily take(s) care of the behind-the-scenes details and manage(s) the hardware,

(A) operating system
(B) application software
(C) peripheral devices
(D) hard disk
(E) None of these

To double underline selected text, you can press __ _.

(A) Ctrl + Shift+ U
(B) Ctrl + Shift + D
(C) Shift + U
(D) Alt + U
(E) Tab + D

Which out of the following is not a DBMS software?

(D) SyBase
(E) Data base 2000

What is loopback address?

(E) None of these

To select the entire column, press __.

(A) Tab + E
(B) Tab + C
(C) Ctrl + Space
(D) Alt + Space
(E) None of these

If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

(A) Copy
(B) Chkdsk
(C) Format
(D) Diskcopy
(E) None of these

__ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat.

(A) Embedded computers
(B) Servers
(C) Robotic computers
(D) Mainframes
(E) None of these

What is a modem connected to?

(A) processor
(B) mother board
(C) phone line
(D) printer
(E) None of these

A decoder converts __.

(A) noncoded information into coded form
(B) coded information into noncoded form
(C) HIGHs to LOWs
(D) LOWs to HIGHs
(E) None of these

Which action will optimize your database performance?

(A) Set the record set type to Snapshot
(B) Use the compact and repair database tool
(C) Create a replica of the database
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

DNS stands for

(A) Domain Name Signal
(B) Disk Name System
(C) Domain Number System
(D) Domain Name System
(E) None of these

Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym

(A) CD
(D) RW

Which key combination enables you to switch between loaded programs?

(A) Alt + Tab
(B) Alt + Esc
(C) Ctrl + Tab
(D) Ctrl + Esc
(E) Ctrl + Alt + Del

Computer users who are not computer professionals are sometimes called __

(A) peripheral users
(B) programmers
(C) librarians
(D) information officers
(E) end-users