Computer Knowledge MCQ-117

A __ is a named set of characters that have the same characteristics.

(A) typeface
(B) type style
(C) font
(D) pico
(E) None of these

Smart Card is __

(A) Special purpose Cards
(B) Microprocessor Cards
(C) Processing unit contains memory for storing data
(D) Processing unit for software handling
(E) None of these

Find out which is not a Default Ledger in Tally,

(A) Cash in Hand
(B) Capital Account
(C) Profit & Loss
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

A set of instructions telling the computer what to do is called

(A) mentor
(B) instructor
(C) computer
(D) program
(E) debugger

___ is widely used in academic examinations.


To switch between to Form view from Design view, press __.

(A) F5
(B) F8
(C) F9
(D) F11
(E) None of these

Instructions that tell the computer what to do. Another name for software __

(A) programs
(C) options
(D) folder
(E) None of these

In hexadecimal number system F denotes to __.

(A) 13
(B) 14
(C) 15
(D) 16
(E) 17

What is a Firewall in Computer Network?

(A) The physical boundary of Network
(B) An operating System of Computer Network
(C) A system designed to prevent unauthorized access
(D) A web browsing Software
(E) None of these

The ability of an OS to run more than one application at a time is called __

(A) multitasking
(B) object-oriented programming
(C) multi-user computing
(D) time-sharing
(E) None of these

The operating system that is self-contained in a device and resident in the ROM is known as

(A) Batch operating system
(B) Real time operating system
(C) Embedded operating system
(D) Multi-processor operating system
(E) None of the above

‘Java’ is a programming language developed by__.

(A) James Gosling
(B) Jack Simplot
(C) Jory Hamington
(D) John Nauchly
(E) None of these

What happens when you press Ctrl + V Key?

(A) A Capital V letter is typed into your document at the cursor point
(B) The selected item is pasted from the clipboard
(C) The selected item is pasted to the clipboard
(D) The selected drawing objects are distributed vertically on the page
(E) None of these

Which is the following is not an option in clipboard?

(A) Copy
(B) Paste
(C) Cut
(D) Format painter
(E) Page setup

Which of the following terms refers to the ability of a computer to automatically configure a new hardware component that is added to it ?

(A) Formatting
(B) Multiprocessing
(C) Multiprogramming
(D) Multitasking
(E) Plug and play

Time-sharing and online computation became possible in ___ generation of computer.

(A) first
(B) second
(C) third
(D) fourth
(E) fifth