Computer Knowledge MCQ-95

MOS stands for

(A) Metal Oxide Semiconductor
(B) Most Often Store
(C) Method Organised Stack
(D) None of the above
(E) None of these

To navigate to a new Web page for which you know the URL type that URL in the browser’s __ and press Enter

(A) Address bar
(B) Domain bar
(C) Address button
(D) Name button
(E) None of these

A __ is a micro processor based computing device.

(A) personal computer
(B) mainframe
(C) workstation
(D) server
(E) None of these

HTML is a

(A) Programming Language
(B) Scripting Language
(C) Web Browser
(D) Network Protocol
(E) None of these

A(n) __ is a special visual and audio effect applied in PowerPoint to text or content.

(A) animation
(B) flash
(C) wipe
(D) dissolve
(E) None of these

Which of the following terms is only the connection of network which can be attached to?

(A) Internet
(B) Intranet
(C) Extranet
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Where you are likely to find an embedded operating system?

(A) on a desktop operating system
(B) on a networked PC
(C) on a network server
(D) on a PDA
(E) on a mainframe

To restart the computer, the following combination of key is used

(A) Del + Ctrl
(B) Backspace + Ctrl
(C) Esc + Ctrl
(D) Insert + Esc
(E) Ctrl + Alt + Del

MS Excel is used for

(A) Letter writing
(B) Spread Sheet Calculation
(C) Presentation
(D) Painting
(E) None of these

Slide rule is also known as in United States,

(A) Slipstick
(B) Larvace
(C) Scale of US
(D) US srule
(E) Fed rule

Cuts the selected cells

(A) Ctrl + X
(B) Ctrl + V
(C) Ctrl + B
(D) Ctrl + C
(E) None of these

__is collection of web pages and __ is the very first page that we see on opening of a web-site.

(A) Home-page, Web-page
(B) Web-site, Home-page
(C) Web-page-, Home-page
(D) Web-page, Web-site
(E) None of these

Front-end processor is a ___ designed specifically to handle the communication processing task.

(B) control unit
(D) register
(E) None of these

A(n) __ is a ready-made button that you can insert into your presentation and define hyperlinks for.

(A) Sort button
(B) Action button
(C) Highlight button
(D) Format painter button
(E) None of these

The computer is made of which of the following hardware equipments?

(A) Monitor, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Software and Network
(B) Monitor, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse,Programme and Network
(C) Monitor, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Printer and Modem
(D) Monitor, CPU (Central Processing Unit),Keyboard, Mouse, Applications and Network
(E) None of these

What is the main folder on a storage device called?

(A) Platform
(B) Interface
(C) Root directory
(D) Device driver
(E) None of these