Computer Knowledge MCQ-47

A command that saves what you are working on into the hard drive, or onto a disk ……….. .

(A) View
(B) Hold
(C) Save
(D) Go
(E) None of these

A command to get a file you worked on from the memory where it was stored ………..

(A) Close
(B) Delete
(C) Open
(D) Get it
(E) None of these

A program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making budgets ………….. .

(A) Calculator
(B) Spreadsheet
(C) Budgeter
(D) Financier
(E) None of these

What menu is selected to save or save as ?

(A) Tools
(B) File
(C) Format
(D) Edit
(E) None of these

A…….. includes the file name and possibly a directory of folder

(A) File information packet
(B) File button
(C) File directory
(D) File specification
(E) None of these

To print a document, press ……….. then press Enter.

(A) Shift+ P
(B) Ctrl + P
(C) .Alj^jP
(D) Esc + p
(E) None of these

A(n) ……. in text that you want printed at the bottom of the page.

(A) Header
(B) Endnote
(C) Footnote
(D) Footer
(E) None of these

What menu is selected to change font and style ?

(A) Tools
(B) File
(C) Format
(D) Edit
(E) None of these

Items such as names and addresses are considered ……

(A) information
(B) input
(C) records
(D) data
(E) None of these

A telephone number, a birth date, and a customer name are all examples of ……

(A) a record
(B) data
(C) a all
(D) a database
(E) None of these

Which of the following contains information about a single “entity” in the database—like a person, place, event or thing ?

(A) query
(B) form
(C) record
(D) table
(E) None of these

Numbers in table columns are usually ……

(A) right-aligned
(B) left-aligned
(C) justified
(D) centered
(E) None of these

By default, your documents print in ………. mode.

(A) Landscape
(B) Portrait
(C) Page Setup
(D) Print View
(E) None of these

Which type of file is created by word processing programs ?

(A) database file
(B) storage file
(C) worksheet file
(D) document file
(E) graphical file

Data (information) is stored in computers as ……

(A) files
(B) directories
(C) floppies
(D) matter
(E) graphical file

The name a user assigns to a document is called a(n)….

(A) filename
(B) program
(C) record
(D) data
(E) None of these

What is the main folder on a storage device called ?

(A) Platform
(B) Interface
(C) Root directory
(D) device driver
(E) None of these