Computer Knowledge MCQ-151

Software that is actively utilised by end-users (like word or photoshop) is called

(A) actionware
(B) operating system
(C) system software
(D) driver
(E) application software

The two basic parts of URLs are

(B) TCP/IP and ISP
(C) TCP and FTP
(D) destination and device
(E) the protocol and the domain name

Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are known as what?

(A) Processors
(B) Domain names
(C) Modems
(D) Operating systems
(E) None of these

Keyboard is used

(A) for input text and numbers and send commands to the computer
(B) to create new keys to use with your computer
(C) to open the computer
(D) to create pictures and images and send them to your computer
(E) None of the above

The term “user interface” refers to __

(A) what the user sees on the screen and how they can interact with it
(B) how the operating system responds to user commands
(C) the means by which the user interacts with the peripheral devices on the computer
(D) the monitor that is available for the computer
(E) None of these

P2P is a __ application architecture

(A) Client / server
(B) Distributed
(C) Centralized
(D) 1-tier
(E) None of these

To see the report of Unconventional vouchers go to

(A) Display-Day Book
(B) Display-Account Books
(C) Display-Exception Reports
(D) Display-Trial Balance
(E) None of these

Copy formatting from text by

(A) Alt+Shift+C
(B) Tab+Shift+C
(C) Ctrl+Shift+C
(D) F1+Shift+C
(E) None of these

Which of the following technology is used in a CD-ROM?

(A) Mechanical
(B) Electro-mechanical
(C) Optical
(D) Fiber optical
(E) None of these

Which of the following is not a selection technique?

(A) To select a word, double click the word
(B) To select an entire table click the empty box to the left of the field names
(C) To select a row, click the record selector box to the left of the row
(D) To select a column, double click anywhere in the column
(E) None of these

A __ is an electronic device that process data converting into information.

(A) processor
(B) computer
(C) menu
(D) mouse
(E) None of these

TB stands for __.

(A) Terabit
(B) Telabyte
(C) Telabit
(D) Terabyte
(E) None of these

LANs can be connected by devices called which operate on the data link layer.

(A) hub
(B) bridges
(D) tunnel
(E) None of these

The two major categories of software include

(A) operating system and utility
(B) personal productivity and system
(C) system and application
(D) system and utility
(E) None of these

The primarily take(s) care of the behind-the-scenes details and manage(s) the hardware.

(A) Operating system
(B) Application software
(C) Peripheral devices
(D) Hard disk
(E) None of these

1GL refers to

(A) First generation logarithm
(B) First generation logic
(C) First generation light-computer
(D) First generation programming language
(E) None of these